"Love Apartment 5" Chen is "specially starred" User: Just a guest? – Domestic drama – cnBeta.COM


According to the Weibo news of the Love Apartment TV series, "Chen Apartment (Zheng Xiaoxian) in" Love Apartment 5 "will no longer be like the starring character, but as a special star in the TV series, netbooks have doubts whether that is what he will do Just play as a guest character in the movie.


In addition, Wang Chuanjun – Guan Gu, Deng Jiajia – Tang Yuiuo, Jin Shijia – Lu Zhanbo did not seem to be in the final season of the "love apartment" series, so many networks: "The original Class is not in love. " Does the apartment have a soul? "


On the other hand, Zhao Wenki, the actor of rain and ink, said that he would return to "love apartment 5." Some users say that although they are guests, they can also give a series of TV series a nice ending.


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