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Original title: "Know No" Qi Hang Jinbang title Zhu YiLong accurately interprets young life

Founded by the Sun Sun, Zhao Liing, Feng Shaofeng, Zhu Long and other starred in the social family theme drama, "Whether it should be green, fat and thin" is continuing to broadcast. Following the plot, the British British fullness of decisions to the British frustration and grief, was shown by the actor Zhu Yilong without a sense of disobedience. Yesterday, the plot once again inhabited a small climax. Qi Heng, played by Xu Yilong, "Shi Ti" Jinhi, officially opened the "Business Balance".

Qi Hengxi reminds us that the scientist wants to remind the relatives.

At the last plot, after the new emperor succeeded, he added Enque. Heng saw that the scientific research information was very excited, he was ready to explore the exam and told his parents he would go back to the family. Unsurprisingly, Ki Heng has a gold title. Still stunning in the list, Qin Heng's mother went to the Sheng family to raise a family, and talked about Minglan's family affairs, but only one sentence: "The Gong Gong Erlan, the Great Hero of The chaos of the West. "

After Ki Heng learned that God was going to marry Ming Lan, he didn't want to miss him. He repeatedly visited Gu Ershu, Shengjia's old lady and others to try to find a result, but the door of the female family Xiaotao blocked the entrance to the door. The words I want to say are also buried in my heart.

Original title: "Know No" Qi Hang Jinbang title Zhu YiLong accurately interprets young life

Qi Heng temperament transforms Nature Xu longitude interpretation precision

Once the show was on the line, Zu ileong put a small grandfather with fresh clothes and an angry horse in front of the audience. Use said that Qi Xiaogong is really "innocent and alive." As the plot continues, Ki Heng suffered successive blows, and the entire man completely lost his radiance, he was desperate, and only one corridor was crying and laughing, "the pain is unspeakable, and the pain is hard to keep," The Neiseen Empathy is called "No. I hope to see such a small grandfather, Kew Heng is still on the line to do business." Last night's appointment of the story, due to the new emperor's ascending, Kew Heng's live track Once again inhabited by a large turning point, not blue This gives you the opportunity to re-examine, but also a patience, a gold list title. It seems that the little grandfather who recounts hope, it is ultimately a glimmer of light in his eyes, as if he had returned to the teenage boy, and he was intertwined with Ki Heng. In this sense, Xu long-term interpretation of the character of a character who has experienced the span of the event, and the teenager's mood is changing all the way to the natural. That ileong also received a lot of praise from the netherlands.

Speaking of acting, the role of Qi Heng has a reasoning effect, and inseparable from Xu Long's pragmatic action and the unchanging essence. For a long time, Xu ileong took the most sincere attitude to acting. When interviewing, it was repeatedly said that "the actor is a very clean thing." Treat the work, in-depth study, treat the performance process, take root in the crew, and constantly communicate with the director and strive to make three-dimensional characters.

Qiu Xiaogong, who is finally "business" tonight, will have a wonderful life in the follow-up. Please pay attention to Hunan Satellite TV, "I don't know if it should be green, fat and thin."

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