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The moon, the brightest star in the night sky. As the close neighbor of the earth, the Moon is a frequent visitor to literary works, so its legends are also circulated in mythology.

Since ancient times, humans have been curious about the moon and have not stopped exploring the moon. Whether it's Apollo's moon launcher or rushing to the moon, there is no doubt that we have strengthened our understanding of the moon. However, to this day, our understanding of the Moon is still very limited. For example, what is inside the moon? What is the core structure of the moon?

For this question, it is a point of view that was rampant. That is the moon hollow.

Apollo plans to support the blank?

The so-called lunar blank is the hypothesis that the Moon is a hollow planet. This hypothesis was first proposed by Soviet astrophysicists Mikhail Vasily and Alexander Shelbakov. They listed in Pravda: "The moon could be a product of aliens for 1.5 billion years, the Moon was a foreign space station, the Moon is empty, and it is a very advanced civilization inside the world."

Initially, the argument did not have much to support, and did not cause widespread. However, the moon-shaped rock and moon-shock experiments brought back by the Apollo mission to the moon have changed everything. Since then, the lunar insisted that it seems to be a solid evidence base, but also attracted a group of fans.

Among the so-called evidences of the lunar hollow, the most famous one is the "Apollo Moonshookex Experiment". In 1969, after the lunar module of "Apollo 12" returned to the orbit of the Lunar Orbit / Command / Service Cabin, the earthquake was back-dumped back to the lunar surface, and the Langer earthquake generated by the Lunar surface was It was previously placed on the liner surface. It is the signal. Surprisingly, the vibration lasted for 55 minutes. Just like hitting the big clock with a hammer, the vibration lasts for a long time and then slowly disappears. It is quite different from the seismic observations known in the time of the earth.

Under normal circumstances, when a person holds a blank iron ball hard, it will make a squeaking and continuous vibration, and when hitting a solid iron ball, just a short vibration will be heard. This phenomenon of continuous vibration has led people to imagine that the moon is empty.

Another evidence repeatedly mentioned by the fans of the empty theory is that the density of the Lunar basically brought back by the Apollo mission to the moon is slightly greater than that of the ground. The density of some basal samples brought back by the Apollo mission is 3.3-5.5 grams per cubic centimeter, while the density of the soil bolsalt is less than 3.0 grams per cubic centimeter. However, the overall density of the moon is much smaller than the earth, only 60% of the earth. Therefore, people think that the moon is empty.

The so-called evidence can only reflect the monthly property

Although the Moon Hollow says that there are many fans in the public and have received the support of some scientists, the mainstream scientific community does not agree with this view. In the opinion of most scientists, the lunar blank is said to have no scientific basis.

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