Heilongjiang Province has a very cold weather of 41.1 degrees Celsius, cold wave warning upgrade – News News

Heilongjiang Province has a very cold weather of 41.1 degrees Celsius

Xinhua News Agency, Harbin, December 5 (Reporter Cheng Zilong) Affected by strong cold air, Heilongjiang province experienced "extremely cold" weather, and the watermelon wave warning level province is similar to orange. As of 4, Jintao Town of MOHI City showed a Minus 41.1 degrees Celsius. Weather.

In the early decades of Heilongjiang, the rare "Xiaoyangchun" warm weather and rain are reversed on the 3 under the influence of strong cold air. The Heavongjiang Provincial Meteorological Bureau upgraded the cold wave blue signal to an orange signal, and instructed individual cities to issue the highest level of cold wave warning red signal.

At 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, the temperature in most parts of the province exceeds 12 degrees Celsius. The northern part of the larger Xing Mountains, the northern part of the River Nihe and the northern part of Yechun count more than 20 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature in the northern part of Daxing is Van, below 35 degrees Celsius below minus. In Jintao Town of Mote City, there is a "extremely cold" weather of minus 41.1 degrees Celsius, and "ice crystals" appear in the air.

The lowest temperature in Harbin, the capital city of the South Red, has also fallen below minus 20 degrees Celsius, showing the weather conditions of "drip in ice". In the streets, people dress up in a "reloading".

The muddy district and Jiayin County of Yichun City and the Jiangsu city of Dongjiang and Fujian are still in the cold blue and yellow warning of 5, temperatures in most parts of Heilongjiang. The meteorological department expects the low temperature to last until the 7th.

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