Guo Ailun is not a physique of redness. In the courtyard, he is not a small fellow in Zhao Benshan – Allen, is one, just the ball, too much – Yan Wuzh


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Original title: Guo Ailun is not a network of red. He is not a small fellow in Zhao Bening on the court.

No one would think that the Liaoning people's basketball team would be concerned about the North Handed Men 's basketball team. Of course, this has nothing to do with this game. In the absence of Beijing-based foreign aid Pier Jackson, there is no tension in the game. From the beginning of the game, the Liaoning People's Basketball Team took control of the field and did not give the North Hand's basketball team any chance. In the end, the Laiaoning People's Basketball Team easily hosted the North Hand Men's Basketball Team with 119 to 87.

A scene in the game was on the hot search – "Guo Ailun spoiled" became a fan and media released after the game, and it was all over the country overnight. The fact is this: the fourth quarter of the game just started, Guo ailun with the ball and Li Xiaoxu hit the roll and roll, the north-controlled player Zhang Minghao grabbed the ball, when the ball was out of bounds, the referee The control of the control of the North Control is given which makes Guo Ailun very dissatisfied.

Of course, Guo Ailun did not follow the partner's theory, but ran to Guo Shikiang's head coach, plotting Guo Shiqiang for a challenge. In this trial, the ability of Gou Shikiang to challenge, Guo Ailun made a "snap" effort, Goi Shikiang sleeves, and insisted that Guo Shiqiang arrange a challenge. Eventually, Guo Shiqiang applied to this challenge, but the entire process spread quickly on the Internet. Guo Ailun's cute appearance made people laugh.

Guo Ailun ask for a challenge

The challenge of the ball is not unusual in the game, but Guo Ailun is so arrogant and incompetent, but this is partly due to the uncle's relationship between Guo Ailun and Guo Shikiang. Guo Ailun jump in the process, but also pulled the sleeves and hands, not just Guo Shikiang laughter, the referee and the stick on the side of the field also laughed.

Guo Shiqiang does not want to challenge, but it can be understood that the team is a great lead and the last game is just beginning. The Laiaoning men's basketball team is also a North-American basketball team with a ratio of 100-74. The ownership of a ball will not affect the outcome of the game. If it is not such a relaxed game environment, Guo Shiqiang will not appear too relaxed on the sidelines and will not care about the ball.

But this one ball is different for Guo Ailun. If you follow the switches of the referee, it is that he lost the ball himself, which is equivalent to a mistake, so he can understand the ball. Gu Ailun is very funny, it looks like a net of red body, but he always looks very serious when dealing with the game.

Young and frivolous

Guo Ailun's character on the courtyard and under the courtyard is completely different. He is a humorous northern boy, showing the humor of Zhao Bening's young boy. Guo Ailun had a birthday on the previous day and was asked about his birthday wish.Will Ailun said: "The wall is no more and more beautiful, it is so beautiful, maybe to many girls like me. Birthday is a low-key, do not let everyone like me so much. "

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