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Recently, the largest exhibit in the West Heads – Brazil's São Paulo Exhibition (CCXP) is in full swing. Marvel's Blockbuster "X-Men: Black Phoenix" and "Death 2" produced by the 20th Century Fox, Sci-Fi Action Effect Gig System "Alita: Battle Angel", and "The King of the King" (Provisional Translation) , Etc. The film is published in Brazil.

"X-Men: Black Phoenix" director Simon Ginberg also took the lead role of Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain, and actively interacted with the fans on the scene, waiting for enthusiastic response and applause.

X-Men Black Phoenix Activity

The Brazilian exhibition, "X-Men: Black Phoenix", the principal surprise, director Simon Ginberg, the Phoenix woman's actor Sophie Turner and the villain Lilandela's "Lao Die Sisters" Jessica Chastain appeared. During the event, the principal creator and fan of his friends closed the filming experience, Sophie said she will experience all the pain in the film and finally become a real phoenix girl, Jessica has also said she likes the female character in the movie . The two actresses also lie on the stage together and watch the exclusive clip of the film with the fans.

X-Men: Black Phoenix Activity

In addition, "X-Men: Black Phoenix" also created fan posters for fans and fans. The poster designed by artist Butcher Billy restores the style of the original X-Men cover from the 1960's. Marvel Legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirk. "Black Phoenix" Kee Gen Lei occupies the entry, professor X and Wan Wang guard both sides of the body. In the center of the poster is a comic version of the Black Phenix logo, the whole poster details to win the sincerity.

According to the director, the "X-Men: Black Phoenix", which will be released in North America on June 7 next year, will be the most gorgeous scene and the most intense emotional troubles. At the same time, the film will be the darkest part of the series, which will be an irreversible change in the entire X-Men series. In "X-Men: Black Phoenix", after the "Black Phoenix" Keen Gray was hit by a mysterious cosmic force, this power made you very strong and completely unstable. The X-men family must find a way to reunite – not only to save the soul of the piano, but also to be safe on the planet.

In addition to the "Black Phoenix" debut, the 20th century foss also sent "Battle of Fighters" Alita, "Little 贱 贱" dead servants, and the king of the young and other protagonists to help the show. The game also allows fans and fans to interact with the protagonist movie through a variety of designs.

The real life of special special effects in the exhibition area of ​​"Alita: Combat Angel" can make fans change their heroes to perform wonderful action drama, the courage of courage is vigorously promoted, and all kinds of concave shapes on the scene are fascinating, Many young people are more fond of the sword of the "King of the Kings" exhibition area, they copy the protagonist of the film to pull out the "stand in the sword." The atmosphere over the exhibition is also happy, and more people are expected to report on the excellent films. Which one is her most optimistic about?

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