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Original Title: Foreign Media: The Federal Reserve issued a strong signal to continue interest rate hikes

Reference News Network reported on January 6, Foreign Media said that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has made a speech on the 4 to try to soften financial market concerns. He said that despite the US stability. There. Economy, the Fed is very sensitive to the risks highlighted by investors and will be patient in formulating the 2019 monetary policy.

According to Reuters, January 4 after the global bond market and the stock market fluctuated for several months, Powell said in a speech that the Fed would adopt a flexible attitude in determining the future rate hike to balance the sustained economic data and a series of Orders. Risks investor troubled, including global economic slowdown and trade concerns.

Speaking in a speech by the American Economic Association, Powell said: "In particular, we have seen inflation data low, and we will continue to observe how the economy is developing." He also said that the Fed is not on the premise of raising interest rates and suggests that it could be in 2016, we suspended the tightening policy. "We are ready to adjust our policy stance and make major changes when necessary."

The report said it was a mild announcement that investors wanted to hear, after they began to worry about the Fed planning to raise interest rates even further when the unemployment rate is at a historic low level and fears that this move could push up the future. Inflation.

After Powell's speech, the main US. There. Stock indexes rose. US $ There. Treasury yields have also risen.


Paulell said he would not resign

The report said the trip to Atlanta was the first appearance since the interest rate hike in December 2018 and the US. There. President Tramp's public attack on him. According to reports, Trump asked the assistant if he had the right to refuse the Fed chairman.

When asked if Trump asked him to resign, whether Powell would do so, Powell soon said, "No"

The report said the latest market disaster caused the Fed to fall into a dilemma, including strong economic data, including the strong employment report in December 2018, and the signs that the financial market trend is reflecting the loss of investor confidence. The US There. Economic outlook. It's hard.

Including the interest rate hike in December of that year, the Fed raised interest rates four times in 2018. At this time, just the exact plots of policy makers expected to raise interest rates twice in 2019. However, due to global economic consumers Slowdown and unresolved Sino-US There. Trade war, most markets have suffered heavy losses since October 2018.

According to the Associated Press, on January 4, Fed Chairman Paulell said if President Trump asked him to resign, he would not do so, he was preparing when you decided when to raise interest rates again.

Both of these articles have cheered stock market investors, who were worried about Trump's repeated attacks on his well-chosen Fed's "head" and the seemingly unstoppable rate hike.

Paulell said: "Because of the policy, it has not been completed. As we are in the middle of inflation, we will remain patient and observe the development of the economy."

According to the report, private sector economists believe that the Pouell remarks are a powerful signal that the Fed, which predicted it will raise interest rates twice in 2019 in December 2018, may decide to keep interest rate hikes for a few months.

Global stock markets rose by the dollar

Sun Shengyuan, chief economic consulting consultant, said: "Consider the statement made by the leader on the 4th, I think this year will only raise interest rates and will not even raise interest rates.

Agence France-Presse also reported on January 4 that in the same day, global stock markets rose while the dollar fell. Earlier, Fed Chairman Powell said the Fed would not be thinking about raising interest rates again.

Paulell said the Fed had not set "pre-set" rates for interest rates and would wait patiently for the economy to develop before taking any action.

According to the report, the words show that route routes have changed significantly from the previous year. Earlier, the Fed said it would continue to raise interest rates. Paulell said the financial market was worried about the slowdown in the US. There. And Chinese economic growth.

By the way, many investors have worried about the global economy in recent weeks. Recently, many stock markets have fallen and corporate confidence has fallen. Many companies predict that demand will slow down in 2019 and sales will be weak.

Powell said the Fed was "ready to adjust its policies quickly and flexibly" to support the economy.

These words have caused the US. There. And European stock markets to rise sharply. US $ There. And European stock markets have risen because of employment-related data. According to statistics, at least in terms of employment opportunities, the US. There. Economy is still healthy.

According to the report, the United States added 312,000 jobs in December 2018. Wages increased, with an annual increase of 3.2%.

Chris Beecham, chief market analyst at IG, an online trading platform said: "A series of strong employment data and a comfortable speech by the Fed chairman will prompt the stock market to turn around."

In the morning of the 4th, the Dow Jones Average, the Z&P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite Index all rose more than 3% at some time.

In Europe, the Frankfurt stock market rose by 3.4%, the Paris stock market rose 2.7%, and the London stock market rose 2.2%.

Most Asian stock markets also rose due to positive information from China.

According to the report, an important survey of Chinese manufacturing shows that China's manufacturing-related data rose slightly in December 2018, which confused analysts who expect China's manufacturing decline.

At the same time, the People's Bank of China has also taken measures to stimulate the economy. It allows individual commercial banks to spend more of their money on lending.

Analysts say the tension in the Sino-US. There. Trade war is expected to ease, which also supports the stock market.

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