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On the occasion of the 1000 Winter Countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics on the 10th, the reporter interviews Zhang Li, Deputy Dean of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University and the head of the Zhangjiaco Division Division design About him the relevant design and design work.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing May 11: Ecology First Protection Site Chinese Elements

– Inerview with Zhang Li, Chief of Design of the Zhangjiaco Division of Beijing Winter Olympics

Xinhua News Agency Reporter Bai Lin Jie Wei

Beijing's Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou Division plans to have eight venues, which will offer freestyle skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, and biathlon. On the occasion of the 1000 Winter Countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics on the 10th, the reporter interviews Zhang Li, Deputy Dean of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University and the head of the Zhangjiaco Division Division design About him the relevant design and design work.


General principle: the first place in the ecological environment

Along with its ecological status, it implemented the largest and highest standard of defense in history. The newly added astorestation was 419,700 mu, and the forest coverage rate reached 67%. This year, aforestation will be up to 70% by 2020, ensuring forest coverage. The average value of PM 2.5 was the decline, and the high quality compression index ranked first in Hebei.

"Without the ecological environment, there is no service, so reducing the ecological footprint of the venue, all construction is based on the necessity and maintaining the attractive ecological environment of ours, this is the principle of our design and construction".

Zhang Li said.

Zhang Li specially introduced the use of water in the design process of the competition area. He said: "We've added nearly 550,000 square meters of reservoirs in the Zhangjiakou area, which is close to 400-50 standard swimming pools. The amounts of water previously wasted in vain because surface runoff is not collected, underground run runs Anywhere else with these facilities, it was used to make Snow during the game and used for hillside greeting in other seasons. "


Site selection: Changing the site of the Olympic Village site for the protection of the Jin Dynasty site

The Zhangjiakou Division is located in the Taizi City and the surrounding area of ​​Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, which is about 10 square kilometers. During the Winter Olympics, the audience can take the high-speed train from Beijing to the Zhangjiaki Division in 50 minutes. The competition is divided into three groups: Yending Ski Park, Guyang Tree Stadium and Winter Olympic Village. The Junk Ski Park, Mountain News Center, National Ski Jumping Center, National Biathlon Center, National Cross Country Ski Center, and Mountain Broadcasting Center are planned. Competitions and non-competition venues such as Zhangjiakou Dong & Ao Village and Dongzao Ao Village, Zhangjiakou Awards Square.

Archaeological excavation, combined with historical records, has found preliminary findings that the site of the Prince City in China is the Jinzangzong Taihe Palace. Its regulation and architectural layout are extremely rare in the country, and there is great significance for the study of Liao and Jinyuan city sites.

Zhang Li said: "This site is located in Dongguan Village, the original site of the Zhangjiaco District. We combine with the site we have changed the site of the Olympic Village and become the site of the Olympic Village. 'S international activities in the future, the activation and utilization of rare sites in history will closely integrate the past, present and future. "

The location of the ski jump platform at the on-going Ancient Poplar Tree complex is also in line with the requirements for skiing for the Cup. Zhang Li said: "In the history of the Winter Olympics, the jumping platform of the Nordic Center Ski Jumping Park is always very visual because it is very large, the track is about 140 meters, the entire length is near. To 300 meters, located on the mountain, where the old Topol found its valley, its natural beauty is more than 130 meters. There are mountains on both sides, just to block the wind that it is most afraid of, so we often Say this place seems to be a ski jump gift. "


Chinese Element: Incorporating Chinese Traditional Masquerade "Raya"

The appearance and design of the venues in the Zhangjiakou competition area also insists on highlighting the Chinese elements. The design of the National Ski Jumping Center competition venue is inspired by China's "Raya", including the Peak Summit Club, the Yamashita Grandstand, the competition area and the comprehensive area. The top of the platform has a diameter of 80 meters and a total height of about 40 meters. It's like a beautiful white cloud. The ski jumping center incorporates the S-shaped curve of the platform profile into the form of the traditional Chinese mascot "Ruyi", so it is also known as "Snowy Cruise" and is full of poetry.

Zhang Li said that the S-shaped curve was set by an international expert. Under the curve is a stadium. If we put something like a club there will naturally be the shape of the Chinese traditional "rui". On the side of "Raya", we take into account the issues of wind protection and protection, and naturally form a perfect design that has both Chinese image and sports competition.

In addition to the "Snowy Road", there are also "Yu Yuan", which is used to connect three platforms, including the jumping platform, off-road and biathlon, and a ring of the old Topol domain group of technical hotel officials, the mountain Broadcasting center and its broadcasting room. Road.

Zhang Li said: "The ring road was used to connect with the venues. This romantic design concept was proposed by a Swiss joint team. This ring was impressed by everyone, of course, the ring is different from the current one. To put all the venues inside. The current ring ensures that the area we provide to the audience and the area for the logistics service are separated, so we do not have too many roads in the valley to save the land.


Use after the game: Play the Olympic Park

The relevant plans issued by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee show that for post-use use, after the end of the Winter Olympics, the "Three Fields and One Village" Ski Jumping Center, the Cross Country Ski Center, the Biathlon Center and The Winter Olympic Village in the Zhangjiaco Division will serve as the Olympic Winter Festival, an important part of the Olympic Park.

Zhang Li said: "We visited a lot of ski jumps in the Winter Olympics, except in areas where Skype jumping is very popular, it is a club on the top, or it is often a well-conceived centralized building facility, It was an exhibition, viewing, dining, and leisure. One, the possibility of providing a lot of services for the future, can be used up and down the snow. "

After the race, the cross-country ski resort will be used to create a "mountain park" and an "outdoor ice entertainment center". It plans to host sports and leisure activities such as equestrian and outdoor camping. The biathlon venue retains some functional rooms and trains after the competition, in winter, there will be training and snow and ice skiing experience. In summer, sports and leisure projects such as equestrian, mountain biking and mountain skating will be conducted. Out. Zhangjiako City plans to rely on Olympic resources to strive to make the core area of ​​the event a world-class destination. (End)

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