Dongfang TV's opening drama "The King Behind the Scenes" starts broadcasting Xu Dongju incarnation Luo Jin "girl" – Yangzi Evening News


Dongfang TV's opening drama "King of the Scenes" starts broadcasting Song Dongyu incarnation of Luo Jin "girl"

Yangzi Evening News / Yanganxun (Reporter Kong Xiaoping) directed by Li Jun, Xu Dongyu and Luo Jin lead the show, Liu Yulin, Yan Lipeng, Wang Wei, Chi Dani, Zhao Jiao, Chen Burning, Zhang Yuxi Special Performance, Chen Duo The TV series "King of the Scenes" will be launched at the Oriental Oriental Theater today (January 5), and will be broadcast at 7:30 pm every night. The Buddy Story of the Buddy (Cheetah Songyu), which is a good producer, and the top domestic producer of the role model by her, Joe Kiao (Luo Jin Ornaments), hand in hand, understand The dream and fashion the fair the story of love.



Luo Dongyu incarnation Luo Jin "girl"

Enter the workplace to show resilience

In the drama television series "Kings Behind the Scenes", Xiang Dongyu plays a vibrant and energetic university graduate, Xu Xiaogu. In order to compete with Joe, who has been warning for many years, in the same work, Xiaogu gave the conditions and bright future. The television station's in-house opportunity was an ordinary intern at Xingtian Entertainment Company, where Joe is located. In the first episode of Broadcasting tonight, though, Xu Xuogu, who first entered the workforce, worked diligently and confidently, but the harsh and mandatory character was inconsistent with Joe's sensitive and cold personality. In a meeting, he said Joe had no mercy on blood, "this is the editor-in-chief, not the nursery." It also paved the way for the development of the relationship between the two characters.

For this reason, Mr. Dongyu said frankly, "She is persistent, reluctant, and does nothing new in the workplace, step by step to achieve success, this struggle is greatly inspired." Although in the face of the dark professional lines, Mou Dongyu felt "inevitably" collapsed, but when she finally spoke of the project process in the PPT and communicated with the bosses and celebrities in the drama of the adult workplace, the character was Successfully shaped. It is. When talking about the similarities with the people in the game, Mango Dongyu said frankly, "We're all of our peers, so we can better understand what she thinks and think, and it is easier to include the show when filming."



Lu Jini changed people's warmth

Deductive high-cold producer

Luo Jin's performance in the "behind the scenes" is due to his character and craze, and he is called "Devil's Fish" by his staff. He is responsible for the production of Xingtian Entertainment, praised by his colleagues as "the most dangerous battlefield." Tonight, when Joe was on the scene with his illness, he was stunning and hung with water and didn't forget to come to the community to talk about his work. The image of "Workaholics" is bound to impress the audience. In this regard, Luo Jin said frankly, "No one can dare to offend if he doesn't talk about feelings, but he also talks about principles and talks with ability. It's a man's ability." Role no matter where he is. "

To get closer to the characters in the game, to understand the production process of television programs and the workplace life of television workers, Luo Jin also went to the television station's timeless experience before the start of the filming to observe the work status of The "behind the scenes". In Luo Jin's mind, life and work are a process of continuous accumulation and constant breakthrough. In order to make the acting more life, he needs to see more life. A movie is a rich life experience. I need to accumulate experiences and use them when I play. "

Focus on behind-the-scenes stories in the TV industry

Xu Dongyu praised Luo Jin "their childhood"

The TV series "The King of the Scenes" describes the workplace and life of the TV behind-the-scenes workers. In Luo Jin's opinion, the drama is stunned by Joe and other television producers, their persistence in ideals, confidence in principles, and hard work. "They must not only produce excellent programs, but also eliminate all difficulties, realize their ideals, and transfer programs of Chinese cultural heritage to the rest of the world, which is also a kind of sentiment." The broadcast of the drama, more audiences learned about the birth of a program, which also became a major highlight of the show.

Although the first cooperation with partner, Yang Dongyu and Luo Jin have produced a good chemical reaction. In Zhou dune, "this may be connected to the fact that both of us are very young." According to her, Luo Jin is a "very childish" person. "He often plays with the assistants on the set, some of the tricks he often plays when he is a child, for example, you hit me, I hit you like that, I liked painting a lot, even though the painting is very naive, most The pictures he gave, "The two" naive "people filmed together, and the studio is often lapped in laughter and laughter" because the scene is too easy, we always love to laugh. " Jin also agreed. "Zu Dongyu very Ori, so our shooting is very interesting, potted and Can also hit new sparks.

For more space, please pay attention to the "King of the Scenes" broadcast by Oriental TV tonight (January 5), which will be broadcast at 7:30 pm every night.

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