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2019-01-19 14:56:55 Source: Yangtze evening news

Recently, the television drama "The King Behind the Scenes", broadcast by Dongfang TV, has caused a lot of heated discussion. In addition to the theme of the Zhou Dongyu and Luo Jin, the neighbors talked about it. "The variety display we saw is made so. In addition, the Smart Networks also analyzed the characters and games in the game, analyzing that Hu Ge, Wang Jiaer, and in fact may be the prototypes of the characters in the characters." Game, and compared the "King of the Scenes" to "Entertainment". Circle illustrations. "Yangzi Evening News / Yangyan Reporter Kong Xiaoping

Plot: Grabbing War, the same type of program, was accused of being Wang Jiaer

Comments: Each ring of the variety show is an interest relationship

"The King of the Scenes" is about the ultra-the-scenes story of the rare variety of show production. The heart of the workplace drama is "FACT." To showcase the industry's true state of the art and to develop the characters and stories, the game cannot be avoided by the entire ecosystem of the entertainment industry, showing the status quo and insider's entertainment industry.

Xiaogu's (Zun Dongyu) is the Xingtian entertainment co., Which has made a TV show with the highest ratings on the television station, "Twelve Kings," listening to the familiar "I'm a Singer". When the rival saw that the program was on fire, it immediately made another program of the same type, "Supernova", according to this routine. The two began to fight the ratings.

Just like the "Twelve Songs" was preparing to invite a heavyweight guest to press the field at the end, "Supernova" also planned to be "Dear Leader Special", but also invited big-name artists, and taught them the inserts. "Spy" the planning of these "twelve songs", so the first step is to get this super popular singer Ying Zhengyu.

See, many of the guys immediately said that this is not the "battle battle" between the "various dances" at "This is Street Dance" and the "Hot Blood Street Dance Group" in 2017. At that time, the two programs are New popular Kingdom. Wang Jiaer. It was reported that Wang Jia had to participate in "This is the Street Dance", and then suddenly participate in the "Hot Blood Street Dance Group", which triggered a strong network of public opinion.

It is also a coincidence: on January 17, 2019, Wang Jiaer issued a document that had the break of the program "This is the street dance." He said that because of his own and collective problems, he temporarily canceled the recording of "This is Street Dance". The program group and fans apologize.

The young Zhengyu, Yin Jiaxi, invested in his Zhengyu younger brother, because he had an autism before, and he is very overdue, plus his brother. Special care, so if you can go to Jiaxia then your brother's traffic will be distributed to his brother. This will minimize the loss of the program group. It may be seen that every ring of the variety show is of interest and what we see in the common audience is just a lost face.

However, our Company is very strong. When signing with Yin Zhengyu, a special point has been made: All personnel are not allowed to participate in other programs, only to prevent abuse.

Plot: The program "slag man", the star fever when recording, and so on.

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