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Coach Zhou Zhigen reveals the secret of the Sun Yang brand is how to make it

Zhejiang online 10 December (Zhejiang online reporter Hu Wei)The strength of the Zhejiang Swimming Army is extraordinary. In addition to its own talents and efforts, it also benefits from a strong training team, among them, the remarkable coaching Zhu Zijeng contributed. Under his painstaking training and polishing, Sun Yangcai, the leader of the Chinese swimming world, has achieved today's results. In the World Water Sports Conference Gold Medal Coaching Workshop, which opened on December 8, Zhu Zimen's open class, "The Champion Way – How To Become a Champion," is about his proud student Sun Yang.

"No white, this classic class is dry goods. Even the small details of the team training, such as the height training to the height of as many meters, are very accurate to tell everyone." After listening to Zhu Xen's class, some of the coaches had a total of 5 pages of notes.

Since the beginning of the training with Sun Yang in 2003, Zhu Zimen has used almost all of his advanced learning concepts on the student. Therefore, in the open class, he used his son as an example. "The correct strokes will have beautiful body lines, you can look into Sun Yang's body lines, which is very good because of the precise motion." Hua found the microphone left and went to the center of Taiwan personally to move the standard. .

Each swimmer should pay attention to technical improvement and carving. So Zhi has said: "In the past 20 years, I'm going to kunming platoon twice a year." The level of training is to enhance the vitality of the athlete's ability to maintain and maintain the life of the athlete. "Sun Yang's platoon training, each year is to improve the heart and lung function, this is Also, the key to being able to maintain a high level for a long time. "From my practical experience, Sun Yang has access to 100-110 kilometers per week in recent years. Three-minute blood lactate tests are performed weekly, and 65% to 70% of the training is done in or near the speed of the game, which is very important for him to maintain a high level.

It also indicates that the height of 1890 meters above sea level is very suitable for height training. "Different altitudes will have different effects, but from my experience, this level is the most suitable." As for long training in the plateau, Xu Zeng it is used in general for 3-4 weeks. The device and long distance athletes are too long or to the flatten training. "On the one hand, we must control the weight of lactic acid during training, do not allow too much lactic acid secretion, which is a reflection of athletes' status. In the other hand, we must control their enthusiasm. The athlete's state is adjusted better, and they will often be raised after the training is over. Swim a distance if you follow them at this time, how to add cheese where ' This pot will burn, and the state of the athlete will decline, so at this point L I will stop. Practice. "Zhou zhigen making an analogy.

Zhu Zimen's appearance has led many domestic and foreign swimming coaches to express their feelings: "Zhu Chao has no special training, so he will notice so many small details, he can bring a lot of world champions for a reason."

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