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2018-12-05 00:02:02 Source: Beijing News

The Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang Liu Mingyang) yesterday, the Beijing News Reporter learned that the singer Chen Yufan was ordered by the Shijingshan branch to accept Common Detoxification for three years because of drug use. The staff of the LyubiTun Beily Community Resident Committee, which belonged to Chen Yufan, said that in three years, drug addicts should go to the police station for urine tests every month and register relevant information in the community. A police officer in charge of drug rehabilitation education said that in addition to urine tests, drug addicts also need to participate in activities such as education and public welfare.

Chen Yufan is a drug addicted person

On the 28th of November, the Beijing Police reported that two drug-related family Chen (male, 43 years old, singer) and he (Freud, 25, aged, unemployed) arrested in a community in Beijing, The site is given 7.96 grams of ice. Cannabis 2.14 grams. After urine test, Chen was positive for ice and cannabis, and he was positive for cannabis.

In the same day, the Beijing News Reporter learned from the authoritative source that the drug-related criminal Chen was really a singer Chen Yufan (formerly known as Chen Tao).

Yesterday, a "Communication Drug Abuse decision book" received by the reporter showed that Chen Tao (Chen Yufan) was at zero-eye on November 24, 2018, and used the "smoothing" method to take drugs and illegal drugs in his home. According to the provisions of Article 33 of the anti-drug law of the People's Republic of China, it was decided to order the perpetrators to carry out communications detoxification for three years from December 17, 2018 to December 16, 2021.

The reporter noted that according to the "Anti-Drug Law of the People's Republic of China", for drug addicts, the public security organs can order them to accept purchaser drug abuse, and inform the city street offices and townsmen's governments where the Drug users are registered or where they live. The time of community drug rehabilitation is three years. It may be inferred that Chen Yufan is a drug addicted person.

An Inside tells reporters that during the period of drug abuse in the community, if the person involved was found again because of drug abuse, he was found to be seriously addicted to drugs and faced compulsive isolation and detoxification.

Monthly registration of urine tests in the community

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Chen Yufan's Lyulitun Beily Community Neighborhood Committee that community drug abusers must go to the police station for urine tests every month with community workers and register urine tests in the community. "The monthly urine test time can be reserved according to individual circumstances and can not be cautious in two or three months," said a staff member of the community.

A kibbutz police officer in charge of drug rehabilitation education introduced that the purpose of community medicine rehabilitation is to allow drug addicts to receive public supervision, stay away from drugs, and successfully detoxify. "In addition to the monthly urine test, it is also necessary to participate in some activities such as education and public welfare. In the three years of communication drug rehabilitation, the drug addicts are free and can live and work normally." The police said that the specific measures for community medical rehabilitation should be subject to availability.

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