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Finally, the team at the top of the Premier League is no longer the city of Manchester, they lost in a strong dialogue with Chelsea, all brilliant moments broke.

Hazard (left) contributed two assists and was the biggest contributor to Chelsea's win. (Photo: AFP)

(UK, London, 9th) A strong showdown changed the situation of the Premier League title this season. "Blue Moon" Manchester City lost to the "Blue Lion" Chelsea 0-2 in the current round of the League, 7-game winning streak and the 21-round unknown cross-time was completed, and the position of the The top place was given to the "red army" Liverpool.

Strong Dialogue lost to Chelsea

Finally, the team at the top of the Premier League is no longer the city of Manchester, they lost in a strong dialogue with Chelsea, all brilliant moments broke. Liverpool began 5 hours earlier than the city of Man. They hit Bournemouth 4-0, and then hoped that Chelsea could strike Manchester City and the wish came true.

After Manchester City is in the lead in first league with Liverpool League, Liverpool scored the top 42 points, which is the second top after the sixth round, and Manchester City is 1 point behind the second. Behind the blue moon, there are 36 points for Tottenham Hotspur and 34 points for Chelsea and Arsenal. They are not only fighting with Liverpool on the road to shelter, but also guard against the powers behind them.

Therefore, the last team of the Premier League this season can win, and now certainly can not say, after all, there are 22 rounds left in the league, everything is possible.

In the court against the almost invincible Manchester City in the league this season, Chelsea coach Suri's tactics are clear, its Italian style high-intensity defense makes it hard for Manchester City to score, and although the scene is not very good, the Blue Lions control rate is 38%. Behind 62%, the number of shots is also in a disadvantage of 8-14, but in the end canter and David Louis scored a victory.

The goal of Canter (second of right) caused a serious blow to Manchester's confidence and contributed to Chelsea's final victory. (Photo: AFP)

CanterHazzardWinning key

Canter is beneficial in this game.In addition to leading the defense of the team, he is able to defend his opponent in the 45 minutes. This time he played for Chelsea for the first time in three seasons. Ball.

Of course, Canter can also calculate the assassins of Hazard, he has enabled many defense people in the restricted area, and the ball is given to the middle of the canter, helping the team to take the lead.

After that, Hazard assisted Luis in the 78th minute and showed that he was the core of Chelsea's offense.

In the absence of Ajuero, David Silva and the Brown, Manchester City lost his reversal, and in the last 10 minutes, Manchester City coach Guardiola did not even use the last substances. Because he was replaced by sanet, he found that there is no striker of tower trust in the back of the aguero.

Gua Shuai Yingchao lost 3 times to Chelsea

In addition, Gua Shuai lost to Chelsea in the league for the third time in the coaching career (double-killed in the 2016/17 season), more than any loss to any opponent. Though the first solution of the League sliced, but the campaign was the second to beat the city at this time, the first loss was abandoned in the championship league group in the championship 1-2.

According to media analysis, this round of "Double Blue War" could be a turning point in determining the ownership of the championship. As long as Liverpool can continue well, there will be a chance that the team history will win the Premier League championship for the first time. However, Liverpool will play against Manchester United in the next round. Perhaps after the great battle, the top two in the standings will change.

Post-match talk

Guardiola (Manchester City Coach): losing the ball does not give up the defending

"Chelsea is an excellent team with excellent players, but we played very well in the first half. We also did well, and we did not have any regrets: 1 shot, but we lost the ball, sometimes it happens."

"However, the opponent is the Champions League team, they only need half a chance to score, this is the fact, so no matter whether we win or lose, we have always to learn lessons. Want to hit us, we still have a Lot of points to fight, there are many games to play, we must maintain continuity. "

Surrey (Chelsea Coach): We are very strong when we get back to fighting

"I am very happy with the victory, it is not easy to hit Guardiola or human market, I was satisfied with the team spirit in the game, for Chelsea, it is not easy to find a fight. There, Chelsea is a very strong team. "

"We have shown a high level of execution, stability, or aggressiveness in the campaign. The players should continue to play in the next game. In the 30 minutes before opening, we encounter some troubles because Hazard just like a striker (not front) , But overall he played very well and deserved a goal. "

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