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2019-01-19 01:27:18 Source: TechWeb

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January 18 news, reported since January 2011, the relationship between the Apple and the Springboks has been relatively close, the two sides are now engaged in legal wars in many countries around the world, but some analysts believe Apple and Qualcomm There is still the possibility of cooperation in 5g, Apple may still adopt a 5C modem in 2020.

Apple and Qualcomm are expected to cooperate on 5G, they are an analyst at investment bank Barclays. And they said in a report that they still believe Apple is likely to adopt a 5C com modem at the 2020 iPhone.

Earlier media reports said the Apple S 2020 iPhone will use Intel's 5G modem, but Intel 5G modem isn't very smooth, and Apple isn't happy with Intel progress. Qualcomm is able to be the leading manufacturer of 5g, and its 5g modem is also likely to outpace Intel 5g modem.

Barclays Bank analysts also said the 5G modem supply trade could prompt the two companies to stop the ongoing legal disputes around patent licensing.

However, Barclays analysts are a bit of a bald mind.When Apple Suad Qualkam in January 2017, Apple and Qualcomm have begun legal confrontation, and legal warfare in many countries around the world has not only affected Apple's suppliers. It also affected the two parties' business action.

Apple's main operation, Jeff Williams, said on Monday that he was testing Qualcomm's antitrust trial against UN. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that Qualcomm refused to provide 4G chips for the iPhone 2018. He said he wanted to be in 2018. Qualcom's 4G chips were used in the three iPhones, but Qualcomm refused to sell them. All of the new iPhones such as the iPhone XS that Apple introduced last year used Intel modems.

Although Apple is not satisfied with the progress of Intel 3G modem, the media said in a statement last November that Apple did not win to negotiate with the home telecom provider to restart the supply of 3G. Apple is also looking for other possible suppliers, and has recently started negotiations with Samsung and MediaTech as potential suppliers.

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