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Original title: anti jinfu president blank for two years Ali Finance Hu Xiaoming returned with technology

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Jinfu's insiders tell reporters that the return of Sun Quan reflects the anti-technology strategy. The biggest outlook in the world is that he can continue the record in the Alibaba Cloud era and help the ants to make their technological capabilities bigger And stronger.

The position of the president of the ant gold duty vacant for two years has ensured a return to a veteran – Hu Xiaoming.

On April 9, 2018, Ant Financial announced that Peng Lee had been retired as the chairman of Financial Ante, and that the Jinfu Seo, Jing Xiandong, served as chairman. Jing Xiandong joined Alibaba in 2007 and served as the CFO of Alipay. After the establishment of Ant Financial in 2014, he has been coo. As of June 2015, he served as President of the Financial Aid.

On October 8, 2016, in the second anniversary of the establishment of Financial Antennas, Jing Xiandong over the relay Bar of the Financial Seo of Peng Li. That is, since 2016, the financial result has never had a president.

On November 29, 2018, Ant Financial announced the organizational structure upgrade: Alibaba Cloud President Hu Xiaoming became the president of Ant Financial Group and reported to Jing Xiandong Chairman and CEO. Jing Xiandong and Hu Xiaoming are all beautiful after 70. Hu Xiaoming joined Ali in 2005 and Jing Xiandong joined Alie in 2007.

The new president, Hu Xiaoming, is a professional defender of financial affairs of Ali. Prior to joining Alley in 2005, he worked in the banking system for many years. Before the ant gold service was not established, Hu Xiaoming pioneered Alley's small loan business and opened up Alie & # 39; S financial business card. In 2014, Hu Xiaoming became the president of Alibaba Cloud at the time of the establishment of Ant Financial.

Hu Xiaoming's transcripts and lessons

Hu Xiaoming returned after 4 years, what can he bring to a financial one? What problems do he face?

In the four years of Hu Xiaoming's Helmet in Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud has become a new growth pole for Alibaba's economy. Since 2015, the average growth rate in Alibaba Cloud has exceeded 100%. The global cloud computing market has shown a "3A" competition pattern of "Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud".

After four years, he returned to the anti-Jinfu president. For Hu Xiaoming, he returned to the battlefield and field he was familiar with. For Financial, it is the "professional" head that understands both the financial and cloud computing technology management experience.

Jing Xiandong also said in the internal mail, "I hope the return of Sun Quan will bring new breakthroughs to develop anti-financial development and credit system, and promote promoting co-financing of anti-financial technology."

In the three years that Jing Xiandong has taken over Financial, Ant Financial has established three strategies of technology, responsibility and globalization, completed the fineness of finance, and made unprecedented investments in the layout and reserves of cutting-edge technologies. It is inseparable from the vision and international vision of Jing Xiandong.

In 2018, almost all anti-technological developments focused on "full open": open blackout technology and on-line bass platforms, enabling small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the blackmail to directly develop various application scenarios on the underlying technology; Open Biometrix Technology, allowing restaurants and convenience stores in the 1, 2, 4 and 4 beer cities to access and open the era of brushing, open air control technology, significantly reducing the cost control and risk factors of financial institutions and SMEs; Open cloud technology speeds up the speed of Chinese banks on the cloud …

Hu Xiaoming, who expelled into the commercialization of technology, "transferred" animations this year, releasing a clear signal: ants are brawl moving to a fully open platform-based technology company. Alipay, with more than 900 million global users today, has evolved from a super app to a super technology interface.

At this point, when the corporate governance is still improved, the listing will be the first major issue Hu Xiaoming.

The head of both "fin" and "tech"

Many Xiaoming substands have determined that Xiaoming is very high in the early years. The 21st century Economic Reporter said Hu Xiaoming's return to Ant Jinfu is a good thing and looks forward to. Hu Xiaoming's understanding of the financial system, especially the new finance, is very intense. "The most impressive thing is that its attitude to P2P is basically fulfilling a long time back in 2013, Sun Quan (Hu Xiaoming flower name) The primes of not just enough credit system are many ponies ponies, ponzi schemes, and the unconstructed P2P mode is likely to hang people, around 2013, when many people thought that P2P was a download software, the later it was confirmed by the facts. "

A man from the financial business of Ali in the early years told the 21st Century Business Herald that Hu Xiaoming was the early trader of the antique flower business and the former credit operator of Sesame Credit, and created the predecessor of the online merchant bank, Ali Xiaoyu. At the same time, it also created the business form of Internet small loans.

Hu Xiaoming famous work in Ali, in 2009, he started his own business in Ali and created Ali Xiaoyu. Ali Xiaoyu has created a model of large data loans, using technology to provide credit services for small and micro enterprises, so small and micro enterprises do not need any mortgage, do not need to trust people to find a relationship, just rely on their Own credit to get loans, and with boroved.

After the establishment of Ali Siu Lian, the business volume has grown rapidly. It has increased more than 300% for several consecutive years, and has a lot of praise from the community to serve small and micro enterprises. It is the project that Alla has to see the chemical reaction of technology and finance, and opened the form of Elena's exploration of financial technology in 2013, Ali Xiaomin and Alipay led by Hu Xiaoming compiled.

In the four years of Alibaba Cloud's "education", Hu Xiaoming's understanding of technology is not the same as before, which is also highly compatible with the "technical route" of Ant Financial.

In 2014, Hu Xiaoming was the president of Alibaba cloud. Hu Xiaoming, who is born in a traditional bank, is not a technical person, but he is good in using technology.

Under his impetus, the world's first city brain landed in Hangzhou, China's first batch of government public services on the cloud. Cloud Computing began to explore deep industries such as industrial manufacturing, agriculture, finance, medical, retail, aviation, and biological genes, and became a driving force for digital China.

During this period, Alibaba Cloud not only determined the absolute leadership position of the Chinese market, but also included the global market with an average annual growth rate of 100%. At present, the "3A" competition pattern of "Amazon AVS, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud" is initially set. . At the same time, Alibaba Cloud has pushed China's self-developed, large-scale computing operating system "Flying" to the global stage and has become a new growth pole for Alibaba's economy.

The Anti Jinfu Insider tells the 21st Century Business Herald that the return of Sun Quan actually reflects anti-technology strategies. Sun Quan's biggest outlook is that he can continue to record the Alibaba Cloud era and help the ants to increase their technological capabilities . Its powerful and produce more results at the application level.

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