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2018-12-04 21:05:11 Source: Overseas Network

(Original title: Aliens could have been to the ground? NASA scientists say that)


UFO Semitic (Figure: "Daily Mail")

Overseas Network December 4 Recently, Silvano Pi Colombano, a computer scientist and professor at the Ames Research Center, a research institute of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), noted in a research paper that foreign intelligence can not be human. Carbon-based organisms that have been used to it, and it is said that aliens have probably visited the earth.

According to the Fox News website, Columbano wrote in the paper: "I just want to point out the fact that we can find, or may choose to find our foreign life, can not be carbon like us at all." Organizers also showed. That if aliens are not carbon-based organisms, then this will affect our assumptions about what we are looking for.

Colombano said that aliens could have found technologies that people can not understand, making missions such as interstellar crossing. He also suggested, "If we make an outline about the development of new advanced intelligent life and technology, then some of these phenomena may be in line with our specific assumptions, allowing us to carry some serious investigations." Yet, the scientist is still admitted that interstellar travel is still "an unbreakable barrier after thousands of years."

However, he adds that people of different aspects of the form of life will make interstate across. "Considering that the development of technology in human civilization is only about 10,000 years old, and it was only in the last 500 years, so-called scientific methods, therefore, it is difficult to predict the innovation of human technology in the next few Thousands of years, not to mention millions and tens of millions of years later.

In addition, the report said that finding the traces of foreign life in the universe is one of the reasons for the establishment of NASA, but so far NASA has not found any conclusive evidence of the existence of aliens.

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