After the "78" of the four main banks, the small and medium-sized banks support the private enterprise policy to be introduced one after another –

Following the "78" of the four major banks, the small and medium-sized banks have supported the policy of private enterprises.

■ Reporter Mao Yuzhou

Following the four main banks in mid-November policy of supporting private enterprises, these measures to support private enterprises such as Industrial Bank and China City Bank have been introduced in the past week.

Citic Bank said that it will accurately support the Yangtze River Delta area, the Pearl River Delta region and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, where the Private Economy is active, and actively support strategic emerging industries such as the Internet, new energy, new materials And high-end equipment. Industrial Bank said that it will increase the credit supply to private enterprises, increase the promotion and promotion of private enterprise credit financing products, focus on growing financing channels of private enterprises, continue to improve the non-financing business system, and promote Reduction of profits.

Bail out Private Enterprises

Small and medium banks in action

Private enterprises are expecting new loans from "1-2". In the new corporate loans, large banks have no less than 1/3 of loans to private enterprises, and small and medium-sized banks have less than two-thirds. After three years of competition, the banking industry's loan to private enterprises accounted for not less than 50% of new corporate loans.

Subsequently, the state-owned four major banks took the lead in launching a policy to support private enterprises, a total of 78. In recent days, a number of joint-stock banks have intensively supported private enterprises.

Citic Bank issued 14 initiatives, including strengthening bond services, enriching equity financing services, cutting international financial services for private enterprises, and actively pursuing innovative services such as loan and investment locations and science and technology funds.

Industrial Bank has issued 19 articles to support private enterprises, including exposing its comprehensive operational advantages and competitive advantages in the investment banking sector, promoting the success rate of bond issue of high-quality private enterprises, promoting the return of financing interest rates, and using Non-financial corporate debt finance instruments and enterprises. Tools such as asset security help private enterprises to optimize their balance sheet by financing bonds and stock assets.

Jiangsu Bank launched 20 support for private enterprises in the assessment, added credit indicators and wheat for private enterprises, allocated special incentive fees for private enterprises, focusing on the number of customers and new loans and stimulating grassroots institutions to support private enterprises. Enthusiasm.

Everbright Bank launched five major initiatives to support private enterprises: First, to achieve four "one-of-a-kind" support for the development of private enterprises, secondly, to explore the debt-to-equity funds to optimize the asset -Legal structure of private enterprises, thirdly, to allocate special credit lines to support excellent private enterprises. Development; The fourth is to play the advantages of the two places in the mainland and Hong Kong, and effectively reduce the cost of financing; The fifth is to play industrial advantages and cooperate with private enterprises to achieve win-win results.

Zheshang Bank recently said that it will increase the placement of private enterprises in the next year, and put about 13 billion yuan, and still increase the proportion of private financing.

According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, many banks have added the number of new customers and loan amounts of private enterprises to the assessment of customer managers and implement them to individuals.

Banks add private enterprise loans

More than 30%

According to the statistics of the "Securities Daily" reporters, at present, the proportion of loans to private enterprises in the banking industry accounts for more than 30%, and most of them are still 50%.

As from the end of September 2018, the balance of private enterprise loans of Industrial Bank was 518.8 million yuan, up 11% from the beginning of the year, and private enterprises accounted for 36%. At the same time, the balance of private enterprise loans from China Everbright Bank reached 386.3 billion yuan, an increase of 49.5 million yuan over the beginning of the year, accounting for 39% of the total loan increase, and the growth rate was higher Average loan growth rate of the whole bank. The balance of private enterprise loans of Citic Bank was 731.5 billion yuan, accounting for 38% of the public loans, the balance of general loans was 123.2 billion yuan, an increase of 38.4 million yuan.

It is worth noting that Miningeng Bank is focusing on Xiaowei and has made excellent achievements in private enterprise loans. Data show that since the beginning of this year, Minsheng Bank has added 150 million yuan of public loans, of which more than 75% are used to support the development of private enterprises. In the scales of the Mssheng Bank's public loans, private enterprises loans have been occupying half of the country.

As of the state-owned large bank, as of the end of October, there were nearly 80,000 private enterprises with ICBC finances, an increase of 8% compared with the beginning of the year, accounting for nearly 80% of the total number Of financing enterprises, and the financing balance was 2.1 billion yuan; The interest rate was 4.7%, which was a significant drop of 5.37% at the end of the first quarter.

As of the end of September this year, China supported 537,000 credit-granting customers of private enterprises, with a loan weight of 1.53 trillion yuan, accounting for 30.18% of the total domestic loan balance. (Securities Daily)

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