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It has 17 hours and 25 minutes to break the box office, and it took 200 million yuan to break the box office in one day! The "Neptune", which is rated by the Netizens as "Shenxiang Save the Mother + Son Wukong Big Seabed Dragon Palace + Super Heroes to Save the World", including the Chinese box office's hassle in November and became the one- Day box office champion in three days.

The submarine king also left the DC, who is watching the gold rush, screaming. Although DC is in the same name as Marvel in comics, it has always been one step behind the realism of movies.

"The film is two weeks ahead of schedule in North America, and it is attractive in itself." The audience feels a sense of pride and curiosity, "a senior theater director told the Daily Economic Reporter.

Cinema manager: Two weeks ahead of the US. The audience is proud and interesting.

Although DC is in the same comics as Marvel, the world's first superhero superman is born here. But DC has always been one step behind the reality of movies. After winning the super-gold absorbing ability of the superhero life of a superhero world, DC parent warner bros is also worried to establish and expand the DC universe, but DC has always been a quick success in the layout of the universe, missing Enough preparation and expansion.

The last masterpiece of Marvel's "Avengers3" has finally reached a 2.4 billion box office in China. At the end of the last year, DC also launched the film "Justice League", which is a superhero "group action", and finally got 690 million yuan in the domestic box office.

The well-known Neptune Arthur Kerry is actually a "group recipe" role in the superhero world. "In the stage of preparation, I have noticed that Neptune has been idle for a long time in the world of superheroes," said director Zeno in an interview with foreign media. "But I will not shy away from that. In this regard, then make all the ridiculous points of super cool."

When Zyren seems to have succeeded again. The "Sea King" released last Friday swept off the Chinese box office's hassle in November, and proved himself at the box office and word of mouth. After the liberation of "Neptune" in mainland China, it was only 17 hours and 25 minutes to break the box office, and the box office broke 200 million yuan in one day, and the box office in the 3 days was close to 600 million yuan . On the watercress gathered by winking, it seems to be particularly good for "Neptune." The current score has exceeded 8 points, but the previously released "Poison" is only 7.3 points.

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"The film is two weeks ahead of North America in terms of screening time, and it is attractive in itself. The audience feels a sense of pride and curiosity." A senior theater manager tells each film and television reporter, "The last two years of American blockbusters, the better they are sequences, and many of them are playing groups, but this movie is a character that never appeared on the screen, A sense of freshness, consideration, such as counseling environmental protection, do not bother the ocean, etc. The man believes that the reasons have pushed the reputation of "haiwang".

"Indeed, everyone is thinking about whether the entire box office of the Chinese film market will reach 60 billion this year," the man laughs. "The little explosive film theater will give more tiles.

Chinese born director when Ziren: I liked Journey to the West since I was a kid, considering film to combine Chinese foundations.

Behind the "Sea King", in addition to the entire DC universe, it is also a Chinese man, that is, when the people who have directed "Speed ​​and Passion 7".

In order to promote "Sea Qing," when Zina also came to China for the first time, he performed activities in various cities, saw fans, and interviewed the media.

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Even if you meet him on the streets of China, it is estimated that this is the Hollywood director who has mastered so many hero stories: he is not high, his body is small, his face is still chile. Wen Ziren, who is 41 years old this year, is a Malaysian Chinese. When he was 7 years old, he and his family immigrated to Australia. The propaganda "Neptune" when Ziren said he was "going home" for the first time.

"I'm Chinese, but I was brought to overseas. I am very excited to go home, and I am very happy to bring my most proud to China and share it with my family" According to the Global Times, it was reported that when Ziren felt a lot At the launch of the new film.

Although he did not live in China, when Ziren was very fascinated by Chinese movies. Several netizens commented on the story of "The Sea King" is "Agarwood Save the Mother + Sun Wukong's Troubled East China Sea Dragon Palace + super hero to save the world", which also got the director's "official certification."

"I heard a lot of Chinese stories in the process of growing up. I liked Journey to the West since I was a kid like the story of" Westward Journey to the West ", Sunwukong's role is very good, And the philosophy behind the character is very exciting.I will definitely consider adding some Chinese elements in future movies, "when told.

Do not look into venice age, but in Hollywood he has the title of "master," especially with the "Saws of the Chainsaw" series "Soul", "Death" and other small cost horror movies among the top directors.

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But when energy is much more than that. In April 2013, Global picked Wen Ziren to film "Speed ​​and Passion 7". At that time, some people asked, can a horror movie director can able to control the business blockbuster? In the end, Wen Ziren translated back to $ 1.5 billion box office with a cost of $ 250 million.

A horrific film director who is good at creating an atmosphere and pinching the hearts of the audience can also leave the audience into the world of superheroes. When Ziren proved that I'm not the only guy who hurts horror movies.

With the success of Speed ​​and Passion 7 and Sea King, I hope the Chinese director can have more space in Hollywood.

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