Yulian Elfennein Respondingly to Questions by Links with Contestant of Pasapalabra | TV and show


The Wednesday chapter of Pasapalabra Generated a great controversy Nicolás Gavilán I lost another 17 unbeatable chapters. The contender of Hualpé Er was defeated by the journalist Won Pablo Roojas.

This problem was that Rojas is a familiar TV show because it was part of the first season Who falls, As well as a member of the Spanish Union Goals showThis program is run by Chile's co-driver, Julian Elfenbjin, a current animation of the Chileyswun site.

Although, currently, Pablo is working for them Unit of Editions from the National Library"The suspicious technicians did not ignore the fact that they met Elfenbjin, with whom he would even share in the missing TV program." What happens.

After all, a great controversy began to emerge where they accused the program and the "fix" of the contest in favor of Rojas.


Although CHV did not want to officially refer to this topic, channel sources are assured BioBioChile That the contestant was passed through all the casting tests and that he did not share a bond of friendship with the animator, but just kept together.

Elfebenin, on the other hand, referred to the theme by Instagram. "If there is anything that I have worried about all my life is trying to be absolutely honest and transparent. That can help those who work or have worked with me."He assured.

The journalist also invited his followers to read an interview with Las Últimas Noticias, where he refers to the topic. "Here I send you clarification about a supposed crown or help out in London. If, after reading the diary, your doubts persist, it would hurt me … and a lot. I understand, but I promise you nothing could do Beyond the fact, "he added to the social network.

In the aforementioned interview, Julianan denies being a friend of Rojas. "We are not friends. I found that Van Pablo was going to be on the show when I saw him on the set as I learned from all the participants.", He sure.

The animator said he told the program's executive producer, Carlos ValenciaWho knows Van Pablo, but "The team decision was: and what? Are we going to veto him if he went through the entire casting process and was sitting there? Why are we Voto it? (…)".

"I do not know a participant just for the sake of knowing him. Even in the Rosko began to fail immediately (in letter A), then I do not know what suspicion can be generated," he said.

The driver also explained that he did not immediately say he knew the participant and that he worked in Goals showBecause then I would give "The feeling we are friends and we are not".

"Even I asked the team to never invite my wife (Danyama Kirberg) to come as famous. I asked him for transparency because the public could think that she was my lady, I helped her, and I asked the questions. In my house, "he added.

Rojas, too, also ruled out the supposed friendship with Julian. "We are not friends. I have the best view of it, but I do not know his house, I do not know his wife, I do not know his children, I do not know how many children he has. We have never come Out to take a tow, it's not my circle of friendship in any way, "he said.

According to the journalist, the Reunion has a remote treatment due to the context in which they are.

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