Young woman who was assaulted by her pololo responded to criticism from those who blame you for seeking fame


Impact caused this Tuesday this Video that a young influencer posted on Instagram, Who had the moment when his cock shouted at her and hit her inside a car, Even thinking about death.

It's about Consuelo Vergara, 19 years old, What he said at the same time was that the fights between them began when she found that he was unfaithful.

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He also held that one day they were even upset at the car he was driving. "He is supposed to be fighting for me And he even secretly told his father that he lost control of his familyOr because I hit a combo and that never saw ", He wrote.

The video caused a great deal of repression in the media, which presented their case. However, Apparently, not everything was supported for the girl, as there are some who accuse you of looking for fame to enter reality.

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Faced with the questions this Wednesday Consuelo has a live broadcast on Instagram, explaining her intentions when publishing the record.

"All I wanted was to make women aware and really lose their fear", Began the young woman who has more than 180,000 followers.

"Please keep (…) I want to explain things. I don't want to go to a reality show. What a ridiculous bigger (…) it would be very silly that after recording a video like that, and to know The damage it does, I would go to the show what millions of people see. No, I'm not for what ", He added.

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In addition, he publishes a story where he gives a bill about the dozens of women who wrote to him, who were going through the same situation. "I feel impotence, just and anger not to do anything, but it will change, it will take time, but every time there will be less tears and more smiles and blows", He pointed out. "Don't stop, it's not normal and it'll never be" Finished

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