Wwe held his first talent show in Latin America in Santiago

The Wrestling Company Wwe Made the Tuesday in Santiago its First gift test (trials) In our country and Latin America, Evaluating more than 40 fighters who dream of achieving stardom in sports recreation.

The session, held in Vista Santiago on Serro San Cristobal, including 43 fighters, representing eight countries that have shown their skills before Matt Bloom (known as Albert and Tensai), Director of chief of the WWE performance center.

Blume still manages the first training, thanks to those presenting, and assured that this training in Chile is "a good experience," because He found a lot of potential in Latin American fighters.

In addition, he highlighted the "claw, strength and desire to get ahead, because there is an opportunity to arouse", and open the door for future triads and keep looking for talent in Chile.

In the same way, Connon Semeev's senior director of talent development, explained that they are looking for Latin stars to increase the presence of the North American company in the continent.

Finally, the evening ended with an exhibition of two writers, one Mexican and one Brazilian, representing the WWE development territory, NST.

This trial, Milestone in Chilean wrestling, was presented to the show that WWE will be on Wednesday in the Movistar Arena, at 9:00 pm (00:00 GMT).

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