Worked for 15 years in a sculpture with Muslims without knowing what the work was slowly

When the Canadian artist Gillian Genser It began to sculpt with the muscles of the figure Adam, The first person to bid the earth according to the Bible, he never imagined that his life was in huge danger.

She, who works as a sculptor since 1991, took her first step with egg shells, animal bones, coral and dried plants. However, for 2003 a new material arrived at his workshop: The muscle shells.

Motivated by its environmental sense and with the support of its closest friends, the sculpture began to work on this project.

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It was like Genser hiding the Malask to be friends two or three times a week and then working with the remains of the food. The artist spent up to 12 hours a day, digging and sanding the shells to form adams body.

With the passing of days, he began to suffer from headaches and vomiting. Immediately the symptoms became more strange. She felt agitated. He woke up and could barely move, he did not hear clearly, his muscles were severe and his speech was stuck.

Genser visited a huge number of specialists: neurologists, rheumatologists, endocrinologists, and nothing was right in the diagnosis.

When the doctors asked her if she was working with any toxic material, she said calmly that she did not have natural elements.

"The symptoms disappeared, after a few hours chopping muscle shells, I was implicated, my muscle was bad, my hands were cramping when I took my tools, I became combative and fatalistic, declaring that my life was running out alone at home I thought that when I returned, I would find hanging hanging from the gifts " Told Toronto Life magazine.

One day, in 2013, after cleaning the ventilation system of his house, he fell in bed with terrible body aches. He began to feel disorientation and loss of memory. He forgot names and took an aggressive nature, giving insanity when walking down the street.

Given the situation, Genser was in contact with a psychiatrist who could not explain the origin of their erotic behavior. He tried all kinds of medications: antidepressants, antipsychics and tankwillers. "I thought I was dying, but I wanted to finish my sculpture of Adam earlier," He confessed.

In 2015, finally, a specialist had a blood test and found that he had very high levels of arsenic and lead. She was stunned. How did this happen?

Then he spoke with a professor specializing in invertebrates in the Royal Ontario Museum. The man was horrified when she told him that she was working with muscle shells for years. "People do not know how poisonous things are!", He told him. Shells and bones accumulate many toxins in their environment.

"My body was carrying a deep message about the poisoning that we have caused on our planet," he said.

According to the professor, the muscles accumulate toxins such as arsenic and lead in their years of life. Therefore, the artist, touching the shells and breeding the dust of her work, part of the metal into her body.

When he found out, he began to quit his project with the shells, but before the Adam ended.

"I could not have left it unfinished, all the sufferings would have been for nothing," he said. Now call your finished work my beautiful death.

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