Women and his brother are serious after being balanced at the Central Station

The early morning of Wednesday, December 5, A woman lost her life and her brother was seriously injured after being shot at the Central Station.

Free records show that at 01:42 in the evening, Neighbors from the intersection of Osen and Gutalcara streets communicated to the 133 of Carabineros to report with heard shots.

Police personnel who moved to the place, found a Woman with a bullet in the head and another in the Torso, who died after being transferred by relatives to the Sapu San Jose de Chuchunko.

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Subsequently, a A man who also had a bullet wound to his head came to the same health center, From which it came to the Central Post and was maintained Seriously with possible compromise from one of his eyes.

The police report says that Both victims would be brothers and the shots against him were made by a group of strangers Of a vehicle.

Staff of the The Laboratory of Criminalists (Labokar) and the Research Department of Criminal Organizations (OS9) of Carabineros are in place Perform the necessary expertise to explain what happened.

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