Woman lost three teeth: indignation in social networks for attack from pregnant client in temuco supermarket


Indignation provoked social video sharing on Facebook where a wounded woman claims to be struck by a security guard within a supermarket in Temuco, after being accused of stealing things from the store.

In the Shared Registry Christian Deliaala, you see the woman sitting on the floor, with her competition scattered and blown around around her, accusing that the aforementioned guard – who does not appear in the film – against you with a bat.

"This happened in Santa Isabel de Bulnes, the guard who was picking up the woman with the bat, which is carrying her face breaking her nails, she is pregnant, according to them she is rubbed and so they watch the video going to lie that She had nothing to divide this woman, I was there, and the pictures were strong, "says the publication that accompanied the video.

This happened in Santa Isabel de Bulnes, the guard who was picking up the woman with the bat, carrying on her face breaking her nails, she was pregnant, she was stolen and so they see the video explains that she has Nothing to share this woman's help. I'm there and the pictures are powerful ??

Posted by Kristhel Danielaa on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The officials of the supermarket located in Bulnes Street in Temuko try to help and encourage the woman while they ask the witnesses to leave and keep recording, adding that they will report to the carabineros to explain the facts.

By his Twitter account, SuperMarkets Santa Isabel, reported that an internal investigation was initiated and "in parallel, the corresponding protocols were activated to reinforce the way our lawsuits are approaching."


The registrations have generated unpleasantness among users in social networks, who soon condemned the action of the guard and the violence they did against the woman, regardless of whether or not she was committing a crime.

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