WOM in mobile portability in 2018 and Claro is the firm that lost most clients


Both in prepaid and postpaid portals, Vom was the operator that received the most customers last year, reaching 578,019 and 54,151 respectively.

The arrival of Vom three and a half years ago marked a past and present in the mobile industry, generating more competition in the market. The UK-based customer portfolios are also a point in favor of British cash, as it was the one that accumulated most in 2018. Last year, WOM registered 578,019 network portfolios in prepaid and 54,151 in postpaid.

"We created the net portabilities of mobile telephony, with a total of 80,856 new postpaid and prepaid users only in December, establishing a historical record," said Sebastian Precht, CMO or WOM.

On the contrary, in 2018 Claro is the company that has the most clients. In the prepaid segment, the company lost 376,696 customers and 131,594 postpaid. Movistar was also affected in 2018, lost 128,845 prepaid customers and 28,615 in postpaid.

Meanwhile, Entel, the operator with the most net accumulated transfers since 2012 (see chart), had better results in 2018. A prepay, it solves 83,553 customers, while in postpaid it received 71,490.

"This is the result of the substantial improvement we have made in our business offerings in 2017 and our deepening in 2018, and the competitive advantage that gives us the most fashionable 4G network in Latin America," said Manuel Araya, manager of Regulation and Affairs Entel Corporations

VTR, in turn, was the most stable since 2012 in accumulated net portfolios. In 2018 it received 21,889 prepaid customers and 24,593 paypal customers. "It is a sign that our customers are worthy of our service and show that we are an emerging mobile player, but are competitive and very good to our users," said Verdonica's Foam Lail Mobile Product Manager.

From the beginning of the system in 2012 to December 2018, 16,273,549 Mobile numbers were ported. In addition, the total portability rate of 2018 is 14.7%.

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