Wild countries become one of the year's majorities


We are Waiting for the arrival of Durango: Wild lands And finally he is here to bring us a mighty survival to enjoy with the huge dinosaurs. A game that is graphically ten and in which we will discover that any element we find through its open world will serve us to survive.

We're talking about that An MMO that was chosen at E3 as the best game For mobile devices in the game Critics Awards, get ready for an adventure in which to explore, build and forge a new life. Everything from the screen of your smartphone and the dinosaurs with which you will have to learn to live together.

A Full Jurassic Adventure

We are facing a series of dinosaur games of all kinds, such as whole metal monsters, but the one that best takes it to the screen of our mobile is Durango: Wild. From the first moments We will live all the intensity and elegance In the visual aspect. Of which the train is full of passengers, which will be the beginning of our adventure with its almost complete destruction.

Durango wild lands

With an isometric view, we can Create our character and start our journey From scratch, since we will not have anything to put in our mouths until they come to our aid. After the first few minutes, you will have to deal with the survival of an environment, which we can collect, hunt, explore, cultivate and defend against a wide variety of creatures.


A Very dynamic world in which the same river It will be useful to wash us or even take a good drink of water. So you can get an idea of ​​what awaits you in the wild countries of Durango: Wild lands. A completely prehistoric world in which you will be surprised by the graphics and design level of several environments and the huge dinosaur that will cover all the space on your smartphone screen.

Create your own personal island

Being an open world also allows us to create our own personal island where we can Choose, hunt, produce, cook, grow, build and expand Our field as well as our abilities. Also, it lacks exploration to find valuable resources or to know the dinar dinosaurs.


The whole multiplayer part opens the way to Shape clans, organize with our colleagues and even form prosperous villages With which to make our way before a world in which we have to survive at all costs. In all its essence and in what we have to raise the level to progress.

Manufacturing in Durango

So yes that requirement is a good terminal We are stupefied at some moments In which a very special atmosphere is created and that seduces us to continue playing it for many days. If you are looking for a MMO to play with other players in a survival world, this is the best you can find now.


It also has many details The emotions so we can communicate With the letters that will get us full. How to use your terminal's microphone to use the voice to decide what will be the next action in this race. In other words, it has everything we can do for a mobile device.

Durango: Wild states as one of the sensations of the year

Now let's hope that NEXON Company, known for other high-quality games, Update it and bring more content For a complete community of online players to collect around Durango. A game that promises a lot and that already in its first version has everything to miss thousands of players around the world.

Durango MMO

Durango technically: Wild Lands is a game that fills the bearings with perfection, although it suffers from some details in the animations. Of course, prepare for An incredible environment with their real environments and effects Of all kinds as is the rain. The graphics are ten and the characters are perfectly designed. A game that in the first minute can leave you enchanted by the soundtrack, the voices, or the magical moments when we find our first dinosaurs.


Durango comes to take a big hole in the forgotten MMO magazine In our phones. We'll see how the updates go, but at first a lot of promises. If you're looking for a game to forget about other RPGs and automatic attack cereals, Durango gets it, what are you waiting for?

Editor's opinion


  • Editor's rating
  • 4.5 star rating


  • All we can do
  • The setting is sublime
  • Dinosaurs
  • To create a village
  • Your soundtrack

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