WhatsApp made new changes in latest update: find what they are


The courier service WhatsApp Used new changes in its latest update, which will improve the usability of the platform for millions of users.

Although the modifications come with the latest update, Version 2.18.361, Not everyone has noticed the changes in their accounts.

What is the change? From now on the devices Android and iOS will show the times that the conversations are made with greater clarity. If before the "AM" or "PM" formats Appeared, this namename has been modified so users have more control over their chats.

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The new update will show clearly if the conversation was "10:45 in the morning" or "4:00 in the afternoon" and even 5:00 in the morning.

The change allows users to WhatsApp Have more time control of your conversations and organize your conversations with your contacts.

Another important modification that they advertise from WhatsApp, Is that the messaging service will be obsolete in certain operating systems so that older phones that can not update their software will not be able to count on the service WhatsApp.

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