What to expect from CES 2019, the largest electronic fair in the world


8K, Internet of Things and more.

As is tradition, this year's electronic electronics show, better known as SES, will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, starting next Tuesday.

What can we expect this year? What tendency are the most marked?

The first thing is the TV, where great players like LG and Samsung, along with others, will begin to show their first steps in 8k mass consumption.

Yes, several years ago we saw the panels, but now they would be in the form of a device that could buy for a few months.

There is an argument that "What do I want if there is an 8K material" and we remember fondly as not so many years ago the same was said for 4K and today all their TV changes, though Full HD "is enough" .

In the follow up of the contents, you will also begin to show cameras capable of recording in 8k and for sure this year or next there will be cell phones with these capabilities.

Another powerful suspicion of this watching collapsible televisions. We saw prototypes in previous years, but now they would be a ready-made product and ready to be commercialized and honestly, we can't wait.

8kg lg

As far as computers are concerned, there is no doubt that a high-level and secure graphics card will be presented. Some manufacturers will present prototypes of futuristic gamers laptops. How to forget about Project Valerie, the laptop with three screens that we saw one afternoon and after a while it was stolen. It's not us, eye.

Expect noise from hearing aids with noise cancellation, bone conduction and other types of follies. In the same episode, that of the audio, there is always a novelty in the shape of a speaker and it is said that this year one will be spared from both Alexa or Google assistant on board.

google assistant

Drones, cameras and more will also be a place in the show that has not been a virtual reality for long ago, as it does for watering down. A pity, because we even tried some things from bare America Very unpleasant.

Surely there will, as every year, more and more garages dedicated to cars and if we see something that stands out, surely we will take them. In the form of a note, because we cannot bring it.


The most entertaining thing is to run into things we didn't expect, and for sure this year we'll be surprised.

See her next week at Las Vegas, friends, stay tuned for our coverage.

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