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"For some time now, we have thrown the bible from anarchism and his church. Especially that the slogan of" # without God, "or" "against all," we certainly spit and Adhere to the Christian God and his religion, so do not have any doubt about that! "

This is the self-defined local branch of the "Individual Tending to the Wild" group released in its first statement on February 3, 2016 in the "short eco-extremist" (s) blog, where they are declared part of an International with members of Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

"We are talking about an association that has a particular peculiar name, because it is believed that the most ecological groups of a more radical nature are collectivist, on the other hand claiming a certain form of individualism," the sociologist explained in January 2017. Presidential candidate, Alberto Mayol, after which the group was awarded the violent attack against the then chairman of the Kodelco board, Ó Mark Landrereche.

This Friday, almost two years later, they were sorry to have an explosion at a trans-jantasy bus stop, which left five injured and one of them in serious condition.

In the same blog, last Tuesday they complained about a different attack on a brand new electric bus on route 508, which they tried to incinerate "as a gift from the end of the year" an Artifact inside.

In passing, they left a message that could explain the motivations behind this attack on Friday: "Transantiango bus company and Enel X bus company, brought to the southern countries 100 electric buses from the China Bid brand, with the excuse of progress. . The morons and the sheep that occupy it can not understand that there is no tomorrow"The progress does not exist, there is only one illusion that hides a more slavery," Humanity advises irremovably for a certain destruction, which only nature will survive.

Among the attacks by Chile confirmed by this group – in addition to Landerretche's ideas – are the incendiary attack against the trans-tsanti bus of the al-Qaqia company (February 2016) and the fire in the mall del Centro in Santiago's food court. May 2016).

The Eco-extremism That Advocates Be In Essence, A New Expression Of Nihilism As A Philosophical Foundation And Eco-Pessimism As A Base Doctrine: It Is A Neo-Nihilism.


Despite the above, according to Claudio Avendaño, University of Santiago de Chile's sociologist, "there is no indication that the political program they have. There is a fact that can be understood as an act of frustration by a company that Does not pick up the ideas that they lift and defend ".

"They respond to a certain counter-culture of Bucolic nature, anti-civilization, with some similarities in the anti-industrialization movements of the 1800s, and in contrast to the industrial logic of modern society in general," he added.

In this context, he explained that – in the middle of the scenario – what situations are happening – there is evidence of "a process of distancing the citizens of institutions and the need for greater participation".

"Probably why it's in our company is a series of conflicts between the points of view of some citizen sectors and political institutionalism. It's a very important place," he says.

Watch a full report by Radio Bío Bío on the "Individual Tendiodo Saluaje-Chile" group.

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