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For many Couples It's the last thing you think to do, but it's important to get bigger Vitality.

After maintaining Sexual intercourse It's an act that is very important when you care Well Of the female. You should go to the toilet immediately, because you are more sensitive to infection. In Aweita We explain what's right.

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As reported by specialists in the subject, intimate relationships increase the probability of obtaining an infection because The urethra is located close to the anus, And then, The bacteria in that area can be easily located in the urethra.

Sexual intercourse

How does intercourse produce what?
During the Sexual act The likelihood of contracting this infection is significantly lower than rubbing around the urethra, it has become infected, triggering it to expose lubricants and fluids, these can be Bacteria conductors That they can drag to that sensitive area.

Therefore, It is advisable to coax To prevent future infection after sustaining Sexual intercourse, Because the urine rinse the bacteria before they get into the bladder.

The People do not get rid of any infection Since they can contravene the disease by the prostate when they are in a Sexual relationship And join the penis and rectum, taking into account that the malignant male member is in constant contact with the anus.

It is recommended both for men and women to use condoms that help protect against infections.

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Sexual intercourse

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