"We slept in the same room"


The communicator, Carol Lucero, completed his love affair with Catalina Vallejos more than two years ago, and the recreation programs have linked him to 3 or 4 more girls, but he has always denied them, to make sure they are "friends".

However, one of "Friends", Valentina Flores, met with the panelist at the Mucho Gusto tomorrow, where she was asked about her friendship with Lucero.

The 20-year-old participated in a conversation with Jacqueline Mendez, Radrio "Galilina" Aviles and having Caballero, where she revealed that 2016 is on vacation with Carol Lucero in Ecuador.

Although Mendez and Radigo "Gallaina" the young woman responded by name "Ex de Carol", she denied the words to make sure she was just a friend.

But his latest post was valid, revealing that in his vacation to Ecuador they slept in the same place, "but Carol went to the couch," he said.

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