Voldevia discards bad atmosphere in Colo Colo: "We are not all friends, but we are good companions"

The Colo colo aviator, Jorge Valdivia, Went to the step of the declarations of Lucas Barrios After leaving the club, inserted in a bad environment in the dressing room among other situations that threatened his conditioner, said a club "divided".

El Mago, in a conversation with Fox Sports, said that "Lucas will have his reasons, his reasons, that perhaps in his minutes he tells us the closest ones (what happened). Mattias Zaldivia, Oscar Opazo, Carlos Karamona, some players who are close, we talked many things. At a general level, the atmosphere is good. It is very rare that something feels and expresses it"

In addition, regarding the Paraguay, Volodymya said that "Lukas was the commitment he had with us, with Colo colo. He arrived early, he had his things, he was worried about his things. Futolistically, he did not feel comfortable and did not do what he expected"

Of course, he concluded that in the dressing room of the figure there is not much communion among the players:The atmosphere in Colo Colo we are not all friends, but we are good companions. Those of us who were together, always getting together for dinner, we went to have a coffee, we were aware that we were not well"

The relationship with Tapia

It is also speculated with a bad relationship between Hector Tapia, Who left Banking ALBA, and a large part of Colo's Colo's staff. A fact that Waldivia discarded and even asserted that he was very close to the first striker, who is his companion at the beginning of his career.

"With hector he talked a lot and was very close to him. The advice he gave me and I gave him, we tried to be the mediators", Featuring El Mago, who was a team of Tapia in Colo Colo in 2005 and also in the Chilean National Team.

He adds that "He knew and talked with some. Hector has the unfortunate luck of the negative strike that we have grabbed. Before the ten games he was a good coach. Ranked Colo Quoinfinsals, he made good matches in libertadores. We entered the negative strike that no one expected"

Of course, established that "Hector is a good coach that I think in a few minutes he needs to make better decisions. Always speaking football, tactfully speaking. For me, (Gabrielle) suzas should have always played. Hector tells us that there are players who, because of what they gave and for the time they gave to the profession, had to play more"

"He recognized that he made mistakes in decisions he had to make. For me to the Bear (Jaime Waldes), you have to open it, with the short step that does not balance you, maybe not the 90 'but in two or three games"He said.

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