[VIDEO] Homer Simpson used his own gift during the episode


Homer Simpson, the patriarch of one of the most favorite families of television and television That you can enjoy through the screens of Channel 13 Every weekend, it has revolutionized the Internet.

The reason? These days, the Simpsons own account revealed that Homer used him a popular gift In the final episode of the series.

This is the famous moment shown in chapter 16 of the fifth time called "Homer loves fenders "And when there were some bushes disappearing, and popular It is used to hide from an uncomfortable moment or to express injury.


In the episode "The girl in the bus "Lisa Simpson receives a message from her father asking you where you are a cell phone. And she answers "You are sending one (message) from it", Which Homer responds with the gif mentioned above.

The moment is the same account of the Simpsons with the legend: "Even Homer uses that GIF," Causing a large social networking user reaches more than 60,000 users.

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