Vidal gets on Messi's private plane to get to see the Copa Libertadores last


Still Glow in the triumph of Barcelona over Spain 4-0, Arturo Vidal will continue after the ball on Sunday.

As confirmed Cooperative, The flyer traveled to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid last week to witness the last of the Copa Libertadores between the River Plate and the Boca Juniors.

The star of the Red moved to the Spanish capital with Girard Picque and Lionel Messi in the private plane of the latter.

The Gastito from Messi

As in the best time of Kike Akuna, who bought a car that simply from the Transformers, Leo Messi gave a treat.

Of course the "flea" went to the pig and bought a flat, which was not less than 15 million dollars. The yellow double room, detailed that the small gem is a Gulfstraam V of 2004 and in the corner he puts a "10", terrible tuning.

The "King" Artoo got on the victory machine

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