Valdivia: A new example of a sticks with rabies is confirmed


The health authority of the Los Ríos region has confirmed finding a rabbit sticks in the Isla Teja sector in the city of Valdivia: this is the fourth comparison that has been discovered so far in the region.

The above is forcible scrutinize the residents of Los Lingues, Los Helechos, Las Araucarias and Saval Street for the inoculation of pets that do not have a rabies vaccine.

"We identified 12 cats and 34 dogs, 48 ​​percent of which would be vaccinated according to what their owners said. The rest, we have to go for surgery on November 9th between 9am and 3pm, at the supermarket of Teja, "said the doctor Rita Mansilla, head of the zoonotic department in the health clinic.

María Angélica Hildebrandt, he added that he owns Minsal in Los Ríos contacted "two people who were exposed to a stick so as to receive a rabies vaccine in the external Cesfam in a preventive manner ".

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