Ubisoft reveals the first teaser trailer of a new post-apocalyptic Far Cry

The event of the week, from December and one of the most important of the year is the Game Awards 2018. In those days, many companies are dropping small brushes of the surprises they have prepared for the ceremony that will take place tomorrow and one Of those who wanted to offer an advance Ubisoft.

This has left us with these First teaser trailer From which it ensures that there is a New Far Cry. So it looks in these sequences has all the look that this delivery Will be put in a post-apocalyptic world, Although we do not know any more about it.

It will be tomorrow, in the game awards, when its first official trailer comes to light, which makes it clear that this will be one of the more than ten new video games that will be announced during the Gala. We remember that it will start this 02:30 h of the morning of 7 December, But first things first and then we let you with the video in question.

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