Uber opened its operations in New York Stock Exchange with expectations


Uber opened the papers of $ 42, under the first US dollar. There. $ 45. The idea is to raise 8.1 billion dollars. The same gives history.

Uber went to New York Stock Exchange on May 10, constituting it A Milestone for a Technology Platform And they played their roles in the forefront of Alibaba and Facebook earlier.

The shares have been opened with US shares. There. $ 42, far from US $ There. $ 45 which was thought and proposed for the collection target of 8.1 billion dollars.

To date, Uber has raised $ 28.5 billion as a private company of no less than 166 different sponsors.

The numbers that cement the opening of uber

Uber has 93 million active consumers on its platform (70 million a year ago) and 17 million trips a day through 700 cities on six continents.

However, the competition is also tough, with the position of competitors in all continents such as Didi, Lifts and the Spanish Cabin.

The CEO of the company, Dara Khosrowshahi, Talking about the challenges of opening the stock market.

As we move from a private to a public company, our jobs will undoubtedly be more difficult and all eyes will be upon us. We will have an even deeper responsibility with our customers, with our shareholders, with our cities and with others. With each action purchased, someone else will join us as co-owner of Uber, and we will get another person to whom we owe "Always do the right thing".

Remember: while public markets will maintain their version of the & # 39; calculation & # 39; And the value of our building, our true North, will be determined in the long term. We will go through periods where we will be misunderstood, as well as periods in which we will be hailed as heroes. It is during these days, regardless of the ups and downs, that we must focus on our work: create opportunities, move the world and innovate and run tirelessly.

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