Uber implements new security features

From today on, the Uber Transport Service will have new security features available for all its users and drivers in Chile using a shield button that will appear on the map of the application during each trip.

New features include a security center with access to a variety of travel information, driving partner and other topics; possibility of direct contact up to 133 for emergencies and configuration of trusted contacts, so that the user can exchange information about their travels.

"From now on, moving from one city to another will be safer than ever, thanks to this technological solution that Uber offers in the service of our more than two million users and 80,000 travel partners of Chile," said Grace Schiodtz, Managing Director of Uber Chile .

The security features that Uber poses are:

Security Center: This icon combines the most important information and options users need in terms of security, such as 24-hour support, insurance, community guides, driver verification procedures, and useful security tips.

Trusted Contacts: It allows users and driving partners to easily share and, in real time, their location when traveling using the platform. The tool allows you to configure the application so that up to five contacts automatically receive the coordinates of the ongoing trips. You can also specify which trips you want to share and in what time – for example: only night trips.

Call 133: This button allows users and drivers to connect to 133 via an application in the event of a need. By pressing the button, the application automatically enters the phone's 133 keypad, making it easy to connect to the Carabineros system. Uber will take into account all the uses of this function and take the necessary measures, as the case may be.

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