Two-year-old child died in Alto Hospice after being attacked by the dog's house – National


© Agency One A child of only two years died at the Alto Hospicio after attacking the house

The rottweiler animal was in the yard, sometimes when the little one was under the care of his mother. Tvn


A child of barely 2 years old He died this Friday morning Alto Hospicio, After attack by a dog of race Rottweiler It was the mascot of his house.

The tragic event occurred after 9 in the morning, especially in the home of the patio, which is located in a few intakes in the sector. The Boro.

According to her details Bío Bío radioAlthough the body suffered from fatal injuries in various parts of his body, he was under the care of his mother.

The Iquique's homicide Brigade will be charged with investing and clarifying the circumstances of what happened by order of the Public Ministry. However, the head of the department, Rodriguez Lopez, said that the boy left the interior of the house and "Against the animals of the household".

He also considered delicacies to be flawed if the animal was moored or with security measures.

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