Tournament organizers cry out to the sky for the lack of an unlock code for all Super Smash Bros. Latest characters –


It does not always rain to everyone's taste. While the rain comes from the arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate As a result of the almost all Nintendo Switch users and former fans of Saga, the new version of the game has turned out to be a cold drop especially for those who are tournament tournaments.

The user of Resetera KillstealWolf He has published his perfectly understandable claims on that social network. He complains about the hard and long work of unloading the complete Smash Ultimate character list for a tournament organizer Where I could have a dozen consoles. These are his words:

Do you think unloading all the characters is frustrating? Put yourself in the shoes of a tournament organizer who has to unlock all the characters in different consoles. Even if you know the fastest unloading method, it will take at least 3 hours to unlock them all by one. Smash Ultimate's save data can only be transferred one way today and you must have the online payment service. There is a great impediment For the organizers and can finish the tournament scene of the long-term title.

Also, KillstealWolf wandered into that same post that it was an unlock code for all the characters such as the famous conami code that has been using so many games of the Japanese company over the years.

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