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The list of banks compatible with Google Pay has increased since a couple of weeks ago we saw how you could add a debit or credit card to pay with your mobile. In the last days they have joined Three new banks.

After a few months, the list of compatible banks did not grow, and now we see them in November Bankia, BancaMarch and Banca Mediaolanum to Google Pay.

In just a very few days, we have accommodated eight to eight entries. We hope that the pace does not hold more banks to add to the Google mobile payment platform, which still locks many important entities such as Banko Santander, Sabadell or Kaikabank, which are still not compatible with Google Pay.

Banks are compatible with Google Pay

Google pays banks

With the three new additions we see that Google Pay is already compatible with the following entities:

  • BBVA
  • OpenBank
  • Bankia
  • Mediana
  • BancaMarch
  • N 26
  • Revouver
  • American Express
  • Sodexo
  • Postal Card
  • Ticket service

Not all debit or credit cards of the entities are compatible. You can check if your card is compatible with the Google Pay application, when you try to add it, or from the Google Pay support page that will tell us the full list of banks and compatible cards.

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Google pay: pay in thousands of stores, websites and apps It is based on the device.

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