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This is how Lorenza Izzo will look like the Dickaprio's wife at once in Hollywood TV and show


Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo He is in Hollywood a few years trying to break the industry … and he's about to make his big leap.

The artist is a part of it Once in Hollywood, Where not only was Quentin Tarantino's orders placed, but also allowed him to share Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

Lorenza, who is the daughter of the model Rosita Parson and the niece of Carolina, plays Francesca CapucciAn Italian actress married the character of DiCaprio and inspired by Claudia Cardinale and Sofia Loren.

“She comes in and looks at her all the time, because she is very artistic and humorous. She is the wife of the character that Leonardo DiCaprio plays in the film, "The Actress told Paula magazine.

"She is famous in Italy (at age 60), and we are back from Italy, where he knows her, and they walk through the airport and She was surprised because there was no paparazzi and she was followed by paparazzi in Italy.. The problem is that Leonardo DiCaprio's character is descending, he is an actor who is not doing very well in Hollywood and then he goes to Italy to try his luck and know me. One of the scenes I've done is when they arrive in Los Angeles and I say: Darling, Where's The Paparazzi & # 39; ”He added.

In fact, the images she describes are part of the last steals (promotional photos) released from the film.

Once in Hollywood
Once in Hollywood

Although his character did not have much time on the screen, he would have an important role to play in the outcome. "These are the typical characters that Tarantino creates, which are on the screen for two minutes and after you remember them forever (…) My character is part of the outcome and surprise, I am one of the triggers of many things that happen in the movie.He explains.

    Once in Hollywood
Once in Hollywood

As the actress commented, she already knew DiCaprio thanks to the friendship that her aunt Carolina had with the actor, but anyway it was impressive. “Professional talking is the most exciting thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. I can understand three dreams; Play with Brad Pitt, play with Leonardo DiCaprio and be directed by Tarantino, ”he admitted.

The film, which was also released by Margot Robbie and late actor Luke Perry, will be released in the United States on July 26 and Chile in August.

Once in Hollywood
Once in Hollywood

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