This is Chino Rios' new "gem" that looks at Miami


The Chilean Tennis Legend, Marcelo Ríos, has the whole world as its new vehicle, a Chevrolet Corvette that still doesn't even come to our country. Despite the aforementioned, the "Chino" is already looking through the streets of Miami, United States.

The first issue in the world reached more than 17,000 likes and more than two thousand comments praise the new national jewel.

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The most striking feature of the vehicle, apart from its value of 84.2 million pesos and more than 150 horsepower, is the patent that the Corvette is shining. Featured Florida and a personalized "Morios" plan.

As consulted by Las Últimas Noticias, with a product like the one in the United States, worth 10,000 Chilean pesos, where people can take a maximum of seven characters plus a script or space.

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