This can happen if an asteroid crashes into one of the oceans Society

The National Center for Atmospheric Research The United States has published a video that eliminates what may happen if an asteroid crashes into one of the oceans.

The simulations, based on data collected by scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Galen R. Gisler and John M. Pachett, show asteroids of different sizes Across the marine surface From different angles.

In the registry you can see asteroids that hit the ocean and remain intact, and celestial bodies that They suffer explosions in the air And they chase in the water in many pieces. A drop in an oblique angle is more likely, according to scientists, that Generate a Tsunami.

As reported by NASA, There is very little chance that an asteroid will strike the earth in the short term. In that line, it is estimated that an asteroid 1,500 kilometers, Approximately, it just crashes on our planet once each One million years.

But if an asteroid falls on earth, it is likely to affect the oceans, since they are occupying More than 70% of the earth's surface.

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