They show that a key hormone in asthma is associated with obesity


A hormone released from critical fatty tissue in this
Asthma development is also associated with obesity and may be associated with obesity
Purpose of future treatments for the disease, according to a new one
Research presented the Saturday of the ENDO 2019, the annual meeting
American Society of Endocrinology New Orleans (USA)

Along with genetic susceptibility and exposure
Environmental, obesity is emerging as a risk factor for asthma.
Many studies have shown that obesity also affects the course
Athma however, the scientists do not understand how obesity contributes to
Athma It is estimated that 40 percent of people with asthma have obesity.

"There is a large unmet need for treatments
Novelties for astm, which is obsessions, because these
Patients are less sensitive to current therapies, "he explains
Principal investigator of the school, M. Furkan Burak
Harvard Public Health T.H. Chan and Brigam and Women's Hospital

The study analyzed adipose hormone app 2, which increases
Circulation of humans and animals with obesity. He is involved in these
An inflammatory response to the body before it was shown
Contributes to the chronic inflammatory diseases associated with obesity,
Like diabetes and heart disease. In the previous investigations,
The researchers detected an increase in blood levels in the blood
Lung fluid in mice with obesity.

In their new study, they measured blood levels of app 2 and
Pulmonary fluid of people with and without asthma. They found that these levels of app 2
They were 25.4 percent higher in the blood of people who were
Affected by asthma and met the obesity or overweight of these criteria
Comparison with people who did not have asthma. The highest levels of app 2
They are associated with asthma only in people who were overweight or obese. It wasn't
Significant differences in ap 2 levels of normal weight
With and without asthma.

They also measured app 2 levels in the lung fluid
Of 13 people with obesity and 36 normal weight with and without asthma.
They found that the ac 2 levels of obese were 23 percent higher
Compared to other study participants.

"These data
Recommend that App 2 be an independent risk factor for asthma
With obesity. They also point out that anti-app 2 treatments
Can prevent asthma and development of obesity
Chronic complications, the researchers conclude. "

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