They record a nest of bats in the middle of the street in the center of Santiago


A Nest of bats It was captured during the afternoon of this Friday at the intersection of Santo Domingo and Miraflores streets in downtown Santiago.

The registry was uploaded by the Twitter user @Atherpen, who asked for help to save it, promised that there could be a "storm focus but it was a valuable animal in the balance of the ecosystem".

What to do in the face of finding a bat?

It should be remembered that bats Are protected by the hunting law, So it is forbidden to kill them. In case of meeting any, The Ceremony of the region or the respective municipality must be informed so that their respective zoonoses can catch them.

According to the Institute of the Institute of Public Health, if it is not possible to coordinate the animal's diet, it should be taken to avoid direct contact with the animal: "For this, it is recommended to use thick latex gloves and a Container with a wide mouth, like a milk jar or another, when you find the winged perched on a smooth surface, put the jar upside down on the animal, and then slide a cardboard that serves as a cover, which must be fixed with adhesive tape. ", Assured in the Arctic L. Veronica Young, head of the section robes of the ISP.

Subsequently, samples will be taken to be sent to the ISP for setting or assisting the presence of specimens in the specimens.

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