They Project by mistake La Llorona instead of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu in a movie theater full of children –


We get some nice hilarious news related to the latest premiere Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. While the reception of the film was really positive, not everything could be a way of roses.

This is the cinema Guzzo Marché Central de Montreal He has made a serious mistake for this recently. Apparently, in the movie theater where Detective Pikachu was going to be screened, the horror movie was planned La Llorona.

The drama was serving, because in the cinema there are, as you can imagine, many children chances to see the yellow mouse. In fact, it was shared that even the trailers that had been screened before the film was wrong, as these are the ones of Annabelle comes home, Joker and Child's game!

We also know that some parents took their children out of the room when they started watching the trailers. Others did not and many children finished Screaming and crying in the room Until the cinema noticed a few minutes later and stopped screening.

No doubt a little mistake that it will not forget at a time, what do you think?

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