They present new warnings on cigarette paper


The Secretary-General of Public Health launched the new presentation of the sanitary warning of cigarette paper, which will be included in the force of the 22nd of this year, and wants to describe and edit the population about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption on the basis of Pictures and texts.

The National Health Survey 2016-2017 has encouraged results, depending on the prevalence of current tobacco consumption from 42.2% to 32.5%, respecting the 2003 survey of 15-65 years and over.

Twenty-Four Years After the Ratification of the Ramandan Convention on Tobacco Control of the World Health Organization, part of this output can be attributed to the effective measure of the strategy used, which includes the warnings on the packs.

This year, four new warnings associated with effects associated with pregnancy on the lungs, another with the cessation of consumption (hand turned off the cigarette), and an image of oral cancer. All will be until 22, 2020.

Tobacco diseases

Despite advances in figures, in Chile 54 people die every day because of smoking and 18.3% of all deaths that can be attributed to smoking.

On the other hand, the cost of treatment to health problems caused by tobacco amounts to more than 1.2 billion pesos each year.

In addition, in our country, tobacco disease is reported annually to 60,470 people for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease); 23,851 people for heart disease; 14,473 people due to vascular brain accident; And 8,012 men for cancer.

"Consumption of snuff is one of the major risk factors in the development of different types of crusaders, also attributed to cardiovascular diseases, respiratory, buccal, among others. Therefore, it is urgent to continue taking all necessary measures to reduce it. , "Explains the Under Secretary of Public Health, Paul Daza.

How are the new warnings designed?

For the introduction of the new caution, focus group researchers are used to analyze images and texts of sanitary warnings previously used in Chile and other countries.

The health warning deals with the telephone number of Salud Respondent 600 360 7,777, through which a trained team of professionals provides assistance and counseling to help stop smoking.

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