They look for the second involved in millionaire robbery with kidnapping in Niebia: PDI would have it identified | National


The Office of the Prosecutor investigates the case of a Emergency with kidnapping That affected a farmer from Waldivia, Los Ríos area. One person is already in preventive detention, and the other is wanted by the Investigative Police.

The violent assault moved on a plot on the road to the edge of Niebla, in Voldyria. According to the PDI, the victim said that the people were lawless and arrived when they were sleeping, They bound him with hands and feet, And tried with a firearm, to escape with him and with different species in the vehicle of the affected.

Prosecutor Alex Maniginos, from the Prosecutor's Office for Criminal Analysis and Investigative Points in Los Ríos, explains that the victim was left abandoned in Osorno.

The proceedings have been stopped from the brighter scheme of the Investigative Police. The detectives They arrested a man in Los Lagos And his mother at Lonkose, where there was a large number of species, after analyzing various measures, according to the inspector Sebastian Sepulveda.

In the yard, the fantasy Montigynos informed the accused Nasquis Enrique Moraga Sanhuaza (20), that he was invested for the crimes of Emergency, intimidation and kidnapping. In addition to thinking, according to the victim, when he left Osorno he told the police that if he denied the assigns, They assured that they were going to retaliate.

The valuation of stolen and recovered species is around $ 20,000,000. At the moment, the bride of robberies of the PDI confirmed that the second captured and the author of the theft with kidnapping I would be identified, But still not located.

This article describes an ongoing judicial process

It is possible that the charges will be dismissed at the end of the investigation, for that reason The defendant should not be successful as guilty Until the Justice demands judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Criminal Procedure Code)

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