They have played Mario Kart for 18 years to decide who makes the tea


A user of Reddit Named a couple of days ago, Liu shared a photograph of his parents playing in the platform. The famous and ninth game of Mario Kart. In his publication, he made sure that his parents "know this tradition Who should make the daily tea since 2001 ".

According to the posting, this year 1999 his parents gave him a nintendo 64 Like a Christmas gift, but never imagined this game would be so important in his family and less than 18 years.

In addition, he explained that there are always three games that play. Whoever wins the most is freed from making tea. He also pointed out that His father always chooses "toad", The fungus that helps Mario, and His mother loves to use Wario in Battle Mode And Yoshi for the Grand Prix competition.

With more than 123,000 reactions in three days, history affects all users, many of which They have felt identified, But there Others who were scared of history.

In this scenario, Louis posted on Instagram An image differs from the one posted initially for Silence those who questioned what was told is not real.

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